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           Henslin Auctions did a great job with my two day auction. I was very well satisfied.
The Auction was handled very professiona
lly and the Staff was great to work with. If I
were ever to have the need for another Auction, Henslin Auctions would be my choice.

Thanks so much,
-   Stella
    Springfield, MN

Dear Henslin Auctions,

             A year and a half after receiving ownership of our farm land thru a family inheritance, my wife and I decided the best decision for us was to sell the land, as we live almost two thousand miles away. Together my wife and I have over 60 very successful years of experience as professional Real Estate Brokers, but had never had any experience with selling farm land in the Midwest. We were concerned how to best proceed with the sale of the land and over a period of six months did extensive research on its value and who to choose as our representative to assist us. During our research we decided an Auction company would be the best possibility in getting us the highest price for the land. As we surfed the Web we kept seeing advertisements and promotional flyers by Henslin Auctions Inc. that impressed us both, and after much deliberation we contacted Allen Henslin. That phone call turned out to be the best phone call we’ve ever made. We were very impressed with Allen’s professionalism and integrity during that first phone conversation and all subsequent contacts. Allen was able to get them to promptly perform even though January and February’s weather was not an optimum time. Due to the time of the year it was necessary to act quickly to take advantage of spring planting opportunities and Allen did just that. His quick response in promotion and advertising to establish an immediate auction with good local location, in order to obtain a good turnout during bad weather, was top notch. Consequently, the number of participants at the auction was considerably more than expected for that time of year. Allen and his Company’s efforts were able to achieve a price for the acreage that was very acceptable to us and higher than had been expected.

             We cannot thank Allen and his team enough for their professionalism and efforts in the sale of our property and we could not have made a better choice.

Thanks Again,

Sincerely and with Great Respect,
 - Dale and Terry Mandelkow

        Henslin Auctions did a great job at our construction sale yesterday. LaDon, Allen and the rest of the crew are very professional, hard working and a really nice family to work with. It was hard saying goodbye to our family business of 89 years, but working with a really nice family business like the Henslins helped with the transition. I would highly recommend Henslin Auctions.

Thank You,
-  From the Minion Family


         Allen and the crew, at Henslin Auctions, were absolutely great people to work with during the planning period and all the way through the day of our auction. We selected them based on their reputation and their advertising ideas. We were not disappointed and would recommend them to anyone thinking of having an auction.

Thanks Again,
 -  Nick and Char Kissner

        We would like to give a huge shout out and thank-you to the crew of Henslin Auctions from start to finish with our retirement farm auction!  You  did a fantastic job with our auction on April 4th 2017.  We had a wonderful sale, and we were very thankful to our family, friends, and everyone who came to show their support.  Thanks for everything you did to make our sale a success!  We really appreciate your effort you put towards our sale.  If you are in need of an auction service, we would highly recommend Henslin Auction Service for a great performance!    

Thanks so much,
-   Dan and Kristin Smith,
    Holloway, MN

       A big shout out to the crew of Henslin Auctions. Allen was a super person to work with. Had around 450 bidders, beautiful day except for the wind, but with 2 rings everything went smoothly. I was more than happy how the auction went and highly recommend LaDon, Allen, Frank, Brad, Mark, and the whole Staff.   

Thanks again everyone!
Joyce Harguth

      We would like to thank you and your crew for the successful auction in September 2015. Your crew was very professional, and with the strong advertising and Internet connections, we had a good auction in a time when farming and livestock are in a downturn. We hope you have a successful 2016.  

Best Regards,
-   Gary and Elaine Sonstegard

      This is a large, "Thank you" to the Henslin Team for everything they did to help us with our retirement farm auction and house sale this past November of 2014. The Henslin Team, especially Allen Henslin, LaDon Henslin, Annette Henslin, Frank Roering and Brad Dallmann were a terrific group with which to work to accomplish our goals. All were very professional, very informed, very organized, and truly personable people. Allen, thank you for carrying out your job in an amazing way and for always being reachable when I had a question.

          How nice it was to have the pressure taken off our shoulders and to get "everything" sold! The results were beyond our expectations. Your help in networking with Machinery Pete, your help in using a YouTube video, your detailed and beautiful sales brochures, and your extensive auction preparations and visits are just a few of the things that we appreciated. Anyone planning a sale could not go wrong with Henslin Auctions, Inc. This expression of our thanks is only a small token of the appreciation and gratitude that we actually feel for the help you gave us.

With sincere regards and heartfelt thanks,

 -  Dean and Carla Moll                                    
    Sleepy Eye, MN  

        We would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Entire Crew of Henslin Auctions
for your efficiency and professionalism in the handling of our recent Semi Retirement Sale.

-   Mike and Amy Jorgenson

           We first heard the name "Henslin Auctions" after receiving e-mail notices about
upcoming auctions in the Mid West. Even though we are located in Tower City, Pennsylvania, we chose to interview Henslin Auctions because of the impressive advertising they sent.
           Allen flew in to meet with us. From the moment we met him, he stood head and shoulders
above the competition, and we were "sold!".
            We had a large auction of 664 items of varied equipment in July of 2014. Allen offered
very valuable advice on auction preparation, provided superb support on advertising, and conducted the sale in a professional yet friendly manner. He never hesitated to address issues as they arose in a prompt, decisive manner. We were most pleased with the outcome of the auction and even more pleased with the overall conduct of the sale. We were proud to be represented by Henslin Auctions and strongly recommend them to anyone considering an auction nationwide.

- Tallman Family Farms, LLC
  Tower City, PA


            We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone who patronized our
business over the years. We appreciate the friendships developed and the loyalty from our customers that made our business successful.
           A huge Thank-You to LaDon, Annette, Allen Henslin and all the Henslin Auctions
personnel who worked tirelessly to make our auction the absolute best. Thank-You LaDon
for your kind words and for your friendship we have shared with you and Annette over the
           We highly recommend Henslin Auctions, Inc. to anyone for future auction needs.
Their outstanding expertise and professional service made our auction a very successful experience.

With Thanks,
Steve, Darlene & Chad Christenson - Collision Correction Center, Bird Island, MN

            Thank you to Henslin Auctions for conducting a successful and enjoyable auction
for us. We received many comments about the professionalism and efficiency of the way
the sale was conducted. Allen, LaDon and the whole team were always easy to work with,
answering our questions and giving us the benefit of their experience.   
Thank you to all,
-   Virg and Arlene Scharpen

          The family of Richard Rosetter would like to thank Henslin Auctions, Inc. for managing
the farm auction of his estate. The women of Bergen Lutheran Church provided lunch for this event. In addition, there is and has been tremendous outpouring of comforting sympathy and assistance from the community and beyond.


In Gratitude,
-   Joan and Luann Rosetter

         Henslin Auctions really came through for us this winter in selling our farm in Hector.
Spoiled rotten after living for years in Southern California, we were dreading a tiring flight
and sub-zero weather. But we needn't have worried.
         Allen took care of everything from advertising and surveying to the final sale--all we had 
to do was chat on the phone, sign a few papers and relax on the patio. Totally painless.
He was always reachable, happy to talk, explain, and answer questions. He never promised
more than he delivered, predicted the sale pretty well, and the land finally sold for more
than he had predicted. It was a very pleasant long-distance experience.
          I recommend Henslin Auctions unreservedly. 

-  Ray Larson

       You can count on the team at Henslin Auctions to be organized, professional, and personable. When a situation arose that became a question of what a business was
obligated to do, versus what good friends or neighbors would do, the team at Henslin
chose the latter. With all of the choices out there, I am confident that we made the correct one. Thank you to everyone (especially Allen and LaDon)at Henslin Auctions for a job well done!

-  Brad Goldbeck,  (Larry Goldbeck Estate), Goldbeck Salvage,  Madison, Mn

Henslin Auctions Staff,

      Joan and I wish to thank you, the whole crew for a job well done. A special thanks to
Brad Dallmann for the extra effort he spent with us getting ready. Once again, thanks to all.

-  Leeland & Joan Fischer

LaDon, Annette, Allen, & Staff,

      Just a note to thank you all for the kind, friendly, dedicated, and most efficient service handling the auction last Fall. The results were overwhelming and most satisfactory. Keep up the good work - will highly recommend you to everyone!

Best Wishes,
-  DeAnne Novotny

Dear Mr. Henslin,

      Thank you for your expertise in selling the Van der Hagen Farm. It was a busy time of year for getting the job done, but it seemed to go off without a hitch.
      Thank you again for all your help and your thoughtfulness.

-  Kathryn O' Loughlin

    Our family had inherited some farm land in Meeker County. The farm has been in the
family for over 140 years. That being said as one may correctly assume it was a very
emotional time when we decided it was too much for a group of non-farmers to manage.
We tried using newspaper ads even contracted with a real estate agent got lots of
lookers but no buyers. We than put an ad in the Hutchison shopper and got a call from
Allen Henslin asking if we considered having an auction. I blew him off immediately
saying oh yea you mean give it away. He just asked if we could meet and he would show
us why an auction is the way to go. Hesitant as we were we meet and immediately were
impressed by Allen and La Don. I have never met two people as these two who are so
well informed, kind and understanding of the emotional attachment people have to a
family farm. There were no false promises made just an honest evaluation of what to
expect. Well last night 09/02/2010 the farm was sold at auction and again they were
right on the money as to what they told us to expect. All I can say if there is anyone
looking for help in selling anything just not real estate you may and please do so:
e mail me at dremmons3@msn.com or call (651) 459-4530 and ask me about the
Henslin Family and how they conduct business before you decide on an auctioneer.
I feel as well as the family that we have made a friendship with the Henslins.
You will never regret talking to them if you are considering any type of sale.

- Dave Emmons on behalf of the Lawrence Estate
September 2, 2010

     Henslin Auctions managed our retirement auction Aug 28, 2012.  They were 
knowledgeable, professional, considerate, and diligent.  The auction was well attended
and their planning and attention to detail resulted in a smoothly run sale that was a
pleasure to buyers and to us as sellers.  We certainly recommend them to anyone
considering an auction.

-  Bruce & Elaine Reuss
   Willmar, MN
  August 28, 2012

Dear LaDon,

      Thank you so much for your excellent management of the auction today (July 31st).
We enjoyed our meetings with you, LaDon, and your staff was exceptionally kind and
helpful. We are happy to have sold the house and household items in such a quick
and efficient manner.

Thank you very much,
-  Betty J. Larson and Marlys J. Olson

Thank You, LaDon, Allen, Frank and Henslin Auctions, Inc. staff and crew.

What a day!
      You folks did an awesome job! You came, you set it all up, and you made things work.
We were told you were the best. Mid-American Auction Co. and Henslin Auctions, Inc. lived up to that reputation.
      We were very pleased with your prompt attention when needed, your professionalism
throughout the whole process, and your excellent staff and crew members.
      Thank you very much, we appreciated doing business with all of you.

- Roger and Kathy Schiroo
  Buffalo Lake, MN
  May 22, 2012

May 16th 2012 Auction for Ray and Elaine Rettig at Brownton, MN.

   First of all I would like to thank all the people that came to the auction. We had a
great turn out of people and a great day for all.

   This is my 2nd auction that I have arranged for my family. I worked with Henslin Auctions
on both auctions. We would like to thank LaDon, Allen, Frank and the entire staff for everything, and also the relationship and trust that I have in them. They did a great job and are very easy to work with and take the worry out of having an auction. Their team knows the business and understands your needs to get the correct buyers to the auction.

    I would highly recommend them if you are considering an auction. I know they will be
my first call if I need to ever arrange another auction! They become part of the family for a few months.

Thanks Again,

-  Ray Rettig Family
  Brownton, MN
 May 16, 2012

     We are convinced that the success of our farmland and house auctions is the result of
the services of Henslin Auctions, Inc. What a stress-free experience!

-  Jack & Sue Wagemaker
   Olivia, MN
  September 1, 2011 & May 15, 2012

     Allen and LaDon Henslin did far more than what they promised... In less than one (1) hour after writing a contact e-mail to Henslin Auctions, Inc., our family received a phone call, followed by an e-mail from Allen Henslin.

     Our family was immediately getting many needed questions answered.  When is the best time of the year to hold our family's farm land auction, how our auction should be advertised; including costs, the number of bidders we should expect to attend our auction (we doubled that amount), past selling prices, what happens at an auction, and much more.
     Your reputation, knowledge, honesty, and support far surpassed our expectations.
    Thank you for completing our parents hard work and dreams and good luck to the buyers; on your dreams for the future.
    Our farm land auction was held on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 2:00 P.M., with much greater than expected results.
- L & A Goblirsch Heirs
  Olivia, MN

    When honesty and integrity rule, these guys set the bar. Thanks for a good,
well-managed sale.

-  Mike and Nancy Schroer
   Olivia, MN
  January 14, 2012

    A special Thank You for all of your services this past year. You and your crew do a
great job, and people appreciate the good professional job. You see everything gets
done in a timely manner.

-  Butch & Mavis Ochsendorf
   Dawson, MN
  January 23, 2012

   Thanks Everyone!
    We would like to thank everyone who attended our auction on April 30th and making
it so successful.
    Special thanks to Henslin Auctioneers for their professionalism and their part in
 making it a success also.
    We wish the new owners many years of  happiness in their new home.

-  Doris Klemenhagen & Family
   Bird Island, MN
  May 29, 2012

    We had the opportunity to use Henslin Auction Services for a land sale, and a few
years later again for a farm retirement sale. They are a top notch team from start to
finish.  If you are in need of an auction service, we highly recommend Henslin Auction
Services for Great Results.

- Lyle and Betty Berglund
  Appleton, MN

   I finally got my house SOLD! I couldn't be happier with how the auction went. The
Henslins really know how to move real estate, with the advertising they do and their
upfront, honest way of doing business, they are true professionals. LaDon told me
right away what he thought he could do, and that's exactly what he did.
Thank you, LaDon, Allen, and Frank.

- The Beliveau Family
   Willmar MN

    Thank you so much for the auction last night. Our family really appreciates all that
you have done. We were a little apprehensive about what we were doing, but you
did make us feel at ease.

Thanks again,
- Gary and Roxanne Oeltjenbruns

  Thanks to LaDon and Allen Henslin and their team for the successful Farm Estate Auction
Nov. 29, 2011. Start to finish it could not have gone smoother and they did it all for us. It was all
handled for us and could not have gone better. Wonderful people to work with. They took our
cares away. It went perfect.

Thank you so much for doing what you do,
- Judy Eckerman
  An heir to the Lane Heinecke Estate

    I don't think I could have used a better service. It was great to deal with people that
are pros. Everybody came in, did their job, and worked as a team. Can't say anything
but good about Henslins. I would use them again. Thanks for all your hard work. 

- Mike Baker
  Spicer, MN

    Henslin Auctions conducted our farm sale on Nov. 25, 2003. The great advertisement of our farm sale brought buyers from all over Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas. We had a great sale and were very pleased with the sale of our machinery.  

- Wayne Maurice
   Danube, MN

    Allen and LaDon Henslin are such professionals and have so much respect in the auction industry, they even teach future auctioneers. I had the pleasure of learning about the business from both of them while attending Continental Auctioneers School. They were among the best presenters at the school drilling into everyone the importance of honesty, integrity, and great customer service.

- Thanks Guys,
   Frank Vascellaro

     I want to thank you LaDon, and your team for the wonderful job you did in selling my farm in February 2008. Your expertise and know-how made the experience easy and profitable. You delivered on all your promises and more. First, most importantly, you brought qualified buyers, who were there to buy and not to watch. Secondly, the price we received was far above what we anticipated. Lastly, you facilitated the closing in less than a month so we could fulfill our other investment obligations. Also, I am convinced that the “buyer’s premium” actually had  a positive impact on the bidding process and resulted in a higher sell price for me.  I will highly recommend you and your team to anyone who is interested in contacting me for more information. Your professionalism and attention to detail was more than I expected and most of all you delivered on you promises.

- Sincerely,
  Chuck Dahlgren, President
  Crystal D

     Thank you, LaDon & Allen, for the fine job you did in selling the farm of our parents, Joe & Marie Wohnoutka, in September, 2009. Your reputation brought many potential buyers to the auction. It resulted in a selling price that our entire family was more than satisfied with.
We highly recommend Henslin Auctions, Inc.

- Thanks, LaDon & Allen
  The Wohnoutka Family

      I would highly recommend Henslin Auctions Inc. I had them sell an ATV on one of their consignment sales and was very happy with the job they did. The reason I chose Henslin Auctions Inc. is because of their years of service in the industry, and knowledge of how to get the job done right, for both the seller and the buyer. They are very knowledgeable, and have amassed a large contingency of buyers and sellers over the years. It is very reassuring having them sell items for me because I know that their mailings and advertisements will get to the right people and the right places.

- Scott O'Neill
   Duluth, MN

     Henslin Auctions conducted our farm equipment auction in November of 2007.
We could not have been more pleased with the professional way that they took
care of every aspect of the sale. We had buyers there from 6 different states at
our auction and we got top dollar for every piece of equipment. They were a real
pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to work with them in the future.
Thanks again.

-  Gordy Behm
   Behm Seed Farms
   Atwater, MN

    As an auctioneer from Indiana, I would look forward to the opportunity to be associated with Henslin Auctions, Inc. LaDon and Allen have the tools and knowledge to provide successful auctions. They are honest and best of all they have integrity. Whatever Henslin Auction says, they stand behind it, placing the customer's best interests before anything else. Their trustworthiness surpasses any monetary gain. I believe in the Henslin Auction Company. If I were to recommend an auction in Minnesota it would be Henslin Auction, Inc.

- Sincerely,
   Nic Smock, Tres.
   Don Smock Auction Co., Inc.
   Pendleton, IN

    LaDon and his team conducted my farm equipment auction, and also sold
several parcels of land for me. I was very pleased with the results and would not
hesitate to hire them in the future. They have always been a real pleasure to
work with.

- Steve Johnson
   Dassel, MN

    As president and owner of Continental Auctioneer Schools, located in Mankato,
MN, and Ames, IA, I want to thank you LaDon and Allen Henslin for your
outstanding personal contributions to the success of Continental Auctioneer

-  Rich Haas
   Continental Auctioneer Schools

  I had the experience of losing my husband in a farm accident, and I had
2 young boys.  We were carrying some debt at the time of the accident and
decided that we needed to have a sale in order to satisfy the bank.  LaDon and
his crew provided me the kind of professional service I needed.  I had many
things to think about, but LaDon really made a big problem go away for me.
Thanks so much LaDon.

- Jeanette Abramowski
   Madison, MN

    I have recently had the opportunity to work with Henslin Auctions Inc. on
a large equipment auction. To LaDon, Allen, Frank and your entire auction team,
"Great Job"! It is so nice to work with genuine and caring professional people.
It was truly an honor to be a small part of your auction family. I look forward to
future auctions.  If I can be of further assistance, please call anytime. Come see
us in Wisconsin.  We'll put you to work!

- Sincerely,
  Randy Stockwell, Pres.
  RJ Stockwell Inc. Land & Auction Co.
  Wisconsin Auctioneers Assoc.Pres.
  Dorchester, WI

    We had a beautiful day in June for our farm auction June 13 on our farm, where we
had lived 61 years. We are grateful to our Auctioneers, Henslin Auctions Service who
did a large farm auction and helped arrange the farm yard for the sale, washed the
machinery, and completed the sale by 1:00p.m. with two active rings. They served the
lunch too. They did a fine job in every detail. We recommend the Henslin Auction Service.

- Myron & Ida Forbord
  1207 Oakwood Ave.
  Benson MN

  Several years ago, we moved to Citizens State Bank of Clara City to handle our expanding 
business. We had a discussion with our new banker about selling excess inventory and 
demonstrator models. Our banker introduced us to the Henslin Auction staff to discuss
on-going business promotion auctions. Through Henslin Auctions promotional
email blasts, web site and other advertising campaigns, we have experienced
great results at our auctions and they have helped promote and expand our business.
Ice Castle Fish Houses and RV are now the #1 selling recreational trailer in Minnesota.

Thanks for your help, Henslins.

- Jeff Drexler, Owner 
  American Surplus & Manufacturing
  3134 East Hwy 7
  Montevideo, MN
  (320) 269-5428

   In February of 2007, LaDon and Allen auctioned off my crushing equipment.  At first I was
concerned if they would bring in people from further than the five state area.  Well, it turned
out to be an international auction as the big pieces went to Vancouver, Canada and Mexico.
I was VERY pleased with the outcome and the professionalism in which they handled
themselves before, during, and after the auction.  I would certainly recommend them.

- Neil Sing
  Fairway Construction Inc.
  Hector, MN

  The Henslin Auction Team was highly recommended to our family after the death of our
Dad. None of us girls had ever handled anything like this before. After talking with LaDon,
we knew he and his team would do a great job. His confidence and expertise was very
reassuring. They walked us through everything so there were not any surprises. The auction
was a huge success because of their impeccable know-how, organization and expertise.
We definitely recommend this group of highly professional auctioneers.

- The Daughters of Doug Johnson:
   Christina, Erinne, Melanie, and Courtney
   Grove City, MN 

    I have been attending auctions since I was a boy with my father and grandfather. My wife and I decided it was time to sell our farm after pursuing other investments. Henslin Auctions were are first and only choice to sell our land. We have used Henslins in the past to help us buy and sell farm equipment for our dairy cattle operation and we were very pleased. The land auction attracted many potential buyers and we were happy with the outcome. We wish nothing but the best for the new buyer. Thanks for the smooth transaction from start to finish! 

- Troy & Cathie Simenson
 Simenson Livestock
 Blomkest, MN  

     I would like to take this opportunity to than LaDon Henslin of Henslin Auctions, Inc. for
his great help in my decision making process
, for giving me great market information
and insights, and offered sound honest advice, and in the process became a good friend.
Thank you, LaDon

- Charles Henle
   New Ulm, MN

     I used Henslin Auctions on my farm equipment sale and had great results. The way they conducted business has been so great that I used them on two land auctions also.
- Robert Schemel
  Spicer, MN

    On October 13th, 2007, I had an auction on my electrical contracting business, as I planned
to retire. I checked around for an auctioneer and decided to hire Henslin Auctions, Inc. as I
felt that they could do the best for me. After I hired them to do my auction I got concerned about the advertising costs. After the auction was over, I knew I hired the BEST auctioneers, as I had bidders from more than 10 states. They did an excellent job of organizing the whole sale.
I would recommend Henslin Auctions to anyone. I also do some farming, and when I decide to retire from farming, I will hire them for my auction.
- Ron Gruber
  Alwin Electrical Contracting, Inc.
  New Ulm, MN

      Henslin Team, I want to thank you for a job well done from start to finish of selling the
North Redwood Falls Grain Elevator Facility for me. I felt the auction was advertised
in the best manner as we had buyers from other states. Keep up the good work.

- Thanks,
  Brian Greenslit
  Franklin, MN

      My Family and I were very pleased with the handling and efficiency of my Land Auction
in November by the Henslin Team. They did a great job of advertising for the sale. We would highly recommend them. Thank you so much, Allen and everyone else.

- Margaret Lorensen and Family

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