brad & nancy anderson farm equipment retirement auction
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Thu Aug 19 10:00:00 CDT 2021


John Deere 8410 MFWD, John Deere 8100 MFWD, John Deere 4020, JD 9670 2WD Combine & Heads and more!!

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding

Begins: Thu, Aug 19, 2021 10:00AM


Location: 37444 Harvest Ave Belview, MN 56214

Auction Description

Brad & Nancy Anderson

John Deere 8410 MFWD, John Deere 8100 MFWD, John Deere 4020,  JD 9670 2WD Combine & Heads and more!!


2000 JD 8410 MFWD Tractor, AutoTrac, 18.4R46 Rear Duals, 16.9R30 Fronts, Front Fenders, 3SCV, 42.5 GPM Hyd, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 3Pt, Factory QH, Mirrors, Hammerstrap, (18) Front Suitcase Weights, 5644 Hours Showing, SN- RW8410P002180

Pair of 18.4-34 Duals on Yellow 9 Bolt Rims

Quick Hitch Cat 2

Farmall A Cultivision Tractor, 9.5-24 Rears, WF, Fenders, PTO, Woods 59” Belly Mower

Virnig 72” QT Skidloader Bucket, Bolt on Cutting Edge

1997 JD 8100 MFWD Tractor, 6860 Hours, 14.9R46 Rear Duals, 14.9R30 Fronts, Front Fenders, Rock Box, Mirrors, 4SCV, 30 GPM Hyd, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 3Pt with Factory QH, Hammerstrap, SN- RW8100P011336

JD Brown Box, AutoTrac Key Card

Case DC Tractor, WF, For Parts or Restoration

Pallet Forks, 48” Walk Through

Erskine 78” Single Auger Snowblower, Skidloader QT, Hyd Spout & Deflector, Cab Controls, SN- 1054119

1969 JD 4020 Tractor, Diesel, WF, Syncro, Year-A-Round Cab, 2 Hyd, 540/1000 PTO, 3Pt, 18.4-34 Rears, Rock Box, 7251 Hours Showing, SN- 1213R216493R

JD 328 Skid Loader, 14-17.5 Tires, Aux Hyd, Enclosed Cab, Heat, 882 Hours, Power QT, Hand And Foot Controls


1999 Sterling Tandem Axle Grain Truck, Allison Auto Trans, CAT Engine, 18’ CrySteel Box, 3 Pc Endgate, SRT2 Roll Tarp, 11R22.5 on Steel Hub Pilot, 11546 Engine Hours, 162979 Miles Showing, VIN2FZNRJBBXXA983223

1978 Intl 2575 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, Detroit Diesel, New Engine Approx. 4 Years Ago, 9 Speed, Tilt Front Hood, 11R22.5 on Spokes, 20’ Steel Box, Roll Tarp, 3 Pc Endgate, 314680 Miles Showing, VIN- DF257HHA15750

1978 Chev C65 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, Twin Screw, 19’ Steel Box, Hoist, Combination Top Hinge End Gate, 10 Speed Trans, 10.00-20 On Spokes, Tilt Front Hood, 09008 Miles Showing, VIN- CME678V168040

1970 Intl Loadstar 1800 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, 19.5’ Box, Hoist, 5+2 Trans, Has Not Ran in Years, VIN- 416080G371383

1975 Chev C65 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, Twin Screw, 5+4 Trans, 9.00-20 Rears on Spokes, 10.00-20 Fronts on Spokes, 18.5’ Box, Hoist, Roll Tarp, 98545 Miles Showing, VIN- CME675V152899


2009 JD 2210 30.5’ Field Cult, (61) 200# Shanks, 7” PremaLoc Shovels, (2) Front Gauge Wheels, 2 Bar Harrow, Rolling Baskets, SN- N02210L010302, Bought New

JD 2700 Disk Ripper, 5 Shank, 30” Spacing, 7” Points, Cover Boards, Disk Levelers, SN- N02700X002636

JD 610 Chisel Plow, 17’, PT, Walking Tandems, Single Point Depth,
TruDepth Shanks, 2-1/2” High Wear Points, (2) Extra Stubs & Shanks

JD 230 Tandem Disk, 21’, Spring Scrapers

JD BWF Tandem Disk, 19.5’, no cyl

JD Spring Tooth Drag on Hyd Cart, 7 Section, no cyl

JD Rotary Hoe, Approx 18’, 3Pt

JD 1450 6-16” Trip Bottom Plow, (6) Coulters, Semi Mount


2008 JD 9670 2WD Combine, AutoTrac, Premier Cab, 3 Speed Trans, ContourMaster, HD Variable Speed Feeder, HD Final Drive, 22’ Unload Auger, Maurer Ext, Bubble Up Auger, 480/80R42 Duals, 18.4R26 Rears, 2090/1358 Hours, SN- H09670S726853, 0 Hours Since Kibble Inspection

StudKing 32 Head Trailer, Narrow Front, Fenders, Tandem Axle, Lights, Torsion Axles, Ext Pole, SN- 3498

2013 JD 608C StalkMaster Chopping 8R30” Corn Head, HHC, Row Sense, Knife Stalk Rolls, (8) Lankota Stalk Stompers, SN1H00608CVDC756611, Bought New

2012 JD 630F HydraFlex, Lo Dam, Spare Sickle, SN- 1H00630FVC0746538, Bought New

Wabasso Products 4 Wheel Head Trailer, for up to 30’ Heads, Ext Pole

3Pt Head Mover for Early JD Heads


2011 JD 1760 12R30” Front Wing Fold MaxEmerge XP Vacuum Planter, Markers, Ground Drive Trans, ProShaft, ProMax 40 Corn/Soy Seed Disks, Extra Set Of Knockout Covers, 3 Bu Boxes, Half Clutch Disconnect, ComputerTrak 350 Monitor, SharkTooth Row Cleaners, SN- 1A01760RHBM740162, Bought New, Approx 9000 Lifetime Acres, Less Than 1000 Acres on New Disk Openers

NuBilt Approx 150 Bu Gravity Box on MN Rugged 8 Gear, Ext Pole, Hyd Brush Drill Fill

JD 2R30” Unit Planter, H&I, 3Pt

2013 Meridian Seed Titan 4SE Hardbox Seed Tender Trailer, 4 Box Capacity, Honda GX160 Motor, Elec Start, Belt Tube Conveyor

Lundell 1290 Gravity Box, Approx 220 Bu, 2 Compartment, Ext Pole, on Lundell Gear, with Sudenga Hyd Brush Auger


Hutchinson 10”x71’ Swing Hopper Auger, 540 Front PTO

SnowCo 10”x Approx 71’ Auger, Hand Winch, 540 PTO

SnowCo 8”x Approx 50’ Auger, PTO Hutchinson 8”xApprox 31’ Auger, 7.5 HP Elec Motor


1600 Gal Vertical Poly Tank, Yellow, 2” Plumbing

1200 Gal Vertical Poly Tank, White, 2” Plumbing

200 Gal Poly Tank on 3Pt, PTO Pump, Hand Wand

B&S Transfer Motor with 2” Banjo Pump, 15 Gal Inductor

Bean Bar, Front Tractor Mount, 4 Seat, 30’, Umbrellas


GTA Co-op Clock


Lorenz 92” 3Pt Snowblower, Hyd Spout, 540 PTO

WinPower PTO Generator, 15KW, Model 25/15PT2, on Cart

Wood Barge Box 6’x10’, Big Butch Hoist on 4 Wheel Gear

Hay Rack, 8’x16’ With Back, on JD 4 Wheel Gear

Approx 125 Gal Diesel Barrel, 12V Pump, Auto Nozzle

Utility Trailer, 68”x104”, Rock/Fuel

Utility Trailer, 4’x4’ Tilt Bed, Wood Box

1000 Gal Diesel Barrel, Gasboy Pump & Meter, Auto Nozzle, Pump Needs Work

JD No.8 Sickle Mower Tools, Misc Hand & Power, Bolt Bins

500 Gal Diesel Barrel, 120V Pump, Auto Nozzle, Meter