dale d. anderson estate, d&j family farms, llc farm equipment estate auction
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Fri Sep 10 10:00:00 CDT 2021


Clean Late Model Like New John Deere Farm Equipment Estate Auction

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding

Begins: Fri, Sep 10, 2021 10:00AM


Location: 17786 195th St. S.E., Lake Lillian, MN 56253

Auction Description

Clean Late Model Like New John Deere Farm Equipment Estate Auction

Dale D. Anderson Estate,    D&J Family Farms, LLC. 

Please no drive on inspections at this time.


2009 JD 9530 4WD Tractor, PS, AutoTrac, Deluxe Cab, Active Seat, Inst Seat, 5 SCV, Hi-Flow Hyd, with 78 GPM, F&R Diff Lock, Premier Lighting, Radar, Heavy Steering Pin, 800/70R38 Duals, 9030# Wheel Weight Package, Rock Box, Hammerstrap, Drawpin, 2370 Hours Showing,
SN- RW9530P011609, Bought New

2011 JD 7230R MFWD Tractor, AutoTrac, IVT 40K Trans, LH Rev, TLS Front Axle, Premium Cab, Premium
XM Radio, 7” GS3 Touchscreen Display, Foot Throttle, Active Seat, Inst Seat, Power Mirrors, HID Lighting, 1805 Hours Showing,
480/80R46 Rear Duals, 380/85R34 Front Duals, Front Fenders, Radar,
(2) 1400# Rear Wheel Weights, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 3Pt, Factory QH, 59 GPM Hyd, 5 SCV, Sturd-E-Built HD Rockbox, Bought New, SN-

2014 JD 5100M MFWD Tractor, 2 Door, Sun Roof, 16/16 Trans with LH Rev, 540/540E PTO, Rock Box, Foot Throttle, Tool Box, Air Ride Seat,
Inst Seat, Rear Wiper, 438 Hours Showing, 3 Rear SCV, 2 Mid SCV,
3Pt with QH, 18.4R30 Rears on Flange Axle,12.4R24 Fronts, SN-
1LV5100MKEJ640189, Bought New

2007 JD 8430 MFWD Tractor, PS, AutoTrac, Active Seat, Inst Seat, 4
SCV, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, 320/80R38 Front Duals, Front Fenders, 3Pt, QH, Hammerstrap, Drawpin, Rear Wheel Weight Package, (8) Front Suitcase Weights, HD Rock Box, 1917 Hours Showing,
SN- RW8430P018648, Bought New

1990 JD 4255 2WD Tractor, 15/4 PS, 3Pt, 2 SCV, PB, 540/1000 PTO, 18.4R38 Rear Duals, 10.00-16 Fronts,
Rock Box, Hammerstrap, 2978 Hours Showing, SN- RW4255P003566

JD 3000 Receiver SF1

JD iTC Receiver SF1

JD Brown Box Processor with AutoTrac SF1 Card

JD Brown Box Processor with
HarvestDoc Card


2011 JD 4930 SP Sprayer, AutoTrac, 120’ Boom, 20” Spacing, BoomTrac,
380/105R50 Singles, Fenders, 5 Way Nozzles, 1200 Gal SS Tank, High Flow Pump, SS Eductor, 3” Fill, 7 Section, Foamer, Fenceline Nozzle, Radar, HID Lighting, Deluxe Cab, 1045 Hours Showing, SN- 1N04930XLA0013236


2013 JD S660 4x4 Combine, AutoTrac, Premium Cab, 7” GS3 Touchscreen
Display, HID Lights, 3 Speed Trans, HD Hi Torque Variable Speed, 22.5’ Auger, 480/80R42 Duals, 480/70 R30 Rears, Power Hopper Ext,, 982/726 hrs, SN-
1H0S660SKD0756023, Bought New

2013 JD 630F HydraFlex, F/A, Lo Dam, SN-1H00630FTD0755668, (2) Spare Sickles, Bought New

JD 100 Series Grain Pickup Head, 5 Belt

KillBros 1185 Grain Cart, 30.5L-32 Singles, Roll Tarp, Hyd Auger Chute,
1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 17” Corner Auger, Camera, Scale, Avery Weigh-Tronix 640M Indicator, SN- B27340115

2013 JD 608C StalkMaster Chopping Cornhead, 8R30”, Single Pt, Knife Rolls, New Chopping Knives, Row Sense, HHC, (8) Stalk Stompers,
SN-1H00608CLDC756434, Bought New

3Pt Head Mover


1996 Volvo Day Cab Semi Tractor, Cummins M11, 9 Speed, A/C, 11R22.5
Steel Budd, Sliding 5Th Wheel, Air Ride, 241,175 Miles, VIN-4V4JDBPF8TN850856

2004 Wheeler Hopper Trailer, Roll Tarp, Wind Straps, Steel, (2) Air Traps, 11R22.5 on Steel Hub Pilot, Spring Ride, VIN-

1974 Intl Loadstar 1600 Single Axle Grain Truck, 5+2 Trans, 345 Gas Engine, Tilt Front Hood, 15’ Steel
Box, Wood Floor, Hoist, 9.00-20 Tires, 39057 Miles, VIN- 10662DHA26428

Chev C65 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, 10.00-20 On Spokes, Air Lift Tag Axle, 20’, Roll Tarp, 2 Pc Endgate

1987 Intl S1900 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, 20’ Crysteel Box, Hoist, 3 Pc Endgate, SRT Roll Tarp, DT 466 Engine, 10 Spd RTX Trans, Air Brakes, 24.5 Lo Pro on Steel Budd, Spring Ride Walking Beam, 192321 Miles Showing, 8237 Hours, VIN-

1975 C65 Tandem Axle Grain Truck, 5+2 Trans, 427 Gas Engine, 77314
Miles Showing, 20’ Steel Box , Hoist, Wood Floor, 2 Pc Endgate, 10.00-20 on Spokes, Rear Air Lift Tag Axle, Air Brakes, VIN- CCE665V134132

1962 Chev Single Axle Grain Truck, Wood Box


JD MX7 3Pt Brush Mower, 2 Rear Wheels, 540 PTO

Rounder L-600 Skidloader, 41” Bucket, 41” Manure Tine

Hale 16’ Stock Trailer, Tandem Axle, Bumper Hitch, Center Gate, Side
Service Door

3Pt Forklift, 3 Stage, 48” Forks

Red Devil Load Hog Utility Cart

150 Gal Rubbermaid Stock Tank

Forney Stick Welder


JD 2700 9 Shank Disk Ripper, 24” Spacing,10” Points, SN-1N02700XEA0012246

2009 JD 2210 Field Cult, 50.5’, 5 Fold, 2 Bar Harrow, Rolling Baskets,
(101) 200# Shanks, 9” PermaLoc Sweeps, (6) Front Gauge Wheels,
SN- N02210X008683

JD 610 Chisel Plow, 17’, (17) Shanks, 3” Reversible Twist Points, Single Point Depth

JD 2700 7 Shank 24” Disk Ripper, 10” Points, Shin Guards, Rear Disk Levelers, SN- N02700X006287,
Bought New

Ag-Shield Land Roller, 12-45-3, 45’, 42” Drum, 5/8”, Hyd Wheel Drive Unfold, SN- 1210308

JD 980 Field Cult, 35.5’, 150# Shanks, 7” Sweeps, 3 Bar Harrow

Westgo Fork Style Rock Picker

JD 235 Disk, 24’, Cone Blades, Spring Scrapers

Schulte Giant 2500 Reel Type Rock Picker, Bought New, SN-R10010827303


M-C 675EM Continuous Flow Grain Dryer, Small Perforated Screens, Heat
Reclaim, Squirrel Cage Fans with (2) 7.5 HP, (1) 10 HP Motors SN- 41915

Wet Holding Bin, (15) Leg

Wet Auger, 8”xApprox 30’, 5 HP Elec Motor, no transport

36’ Grain Bin, Approx 22,000 Bu, 11 Ring, Full Floor, Neco Aeration
Fan, Neco 8” Sump, Vert Unload

MFS 36’ Grain Bin, Approx 18,500 Bu, 9 Ring, (2) 12” Aeration Fans

MFS 36’ Grain Bin, 9 Ring

MFS 30’ Grain Bin, Approx 8000 Bu, Shivvers Single Auger, Shivvers Moisture Monitor, 8” Sump, Vert Unload, (2) 24” Burner

MFS 30’ Grain Bin, Approx 8500 Bu, Full Aeration Floor, 5” Vac Fill Pipe

MFS 30’ Grain Bin, Approx 7500 Bu, Full Aeration Floor

(6) Butler 18’ 3200 Bushel Bins

1000 Bu Grain Bin Hutchinson Sweep For 36’ Bin

17’ Bin Sweep

14’ Bin Sweep

Roof Auger, Approx 120’, 6”

Brandt 1070 Swing Hopper Auger, 540 Front PTO

Westfield MK100-61 Swing Hopper Auger, Front 540 PTO

Brandt 1070 Swing Hopper Auger, needs repair

Feterl Auger, 8”x Approx 50’, PTO

Poly Auger Hoppers

VacBoss 4066 Grain Vac, 6” Pipe, SN- 4066-17394, 1-3/8” 1000 PTO, Recent New Cyclone Liner and Gearbox At Christainson

5” Vac Flex & Straight Pipe, Cleanup Nozzles, Transitions, Rubber Pipe


Buckeye Superior Super D Wheel Trencher Tiling Machine, Detroit Diesel, 21” Trench, 22” Pads, low
range needs work in trans

Schwiess Tile Plow, 3Pt, Spectra-Physics Las-er- Plane, Tripod, Laser Stick, Rotary Laser, 6” Boot

Misc Tile Connectors & Supplies


New Holland 270 Small Square Baler

JD 2320 SP Swather, 15’ Head, 747 Hours, Hume Reel, Gas

New Holland 5 Bar Rake (2) E-Z Trail Small Square Bale Hay Baskets


2011 JD 1770NT XP CCS 16R30” Vacuum Planter, Pro Shaft, SeedStar Variable Drives, Pneumatic Down Force, 8 Section 2 Row Shutoff,
ProMax40 Corn/Soy Seed Disks, Markers, 300 Gal Fert Tank, SS Fert Tubes, Redballs, SharkTooth Row
Cleaners, Rear Camera, SN- 1A01770PCBM745126, Bought New, Approx 9000 Lifetime Acres

Whizzer Seed Cleaner with Screens, on Cart

E-Z Flow Model 300 Gravity Box on E-Z Trail 1074 Gear, 12.5L15SL Tires, Ext Pole, with Christainson SV 20 Seed Vac, B&S 10 HP, Elec Start

E-Z Flow Model 300 Gravity Box, on E-Z Trail 1074 Gear, 12.5-15SL Tires,
Ext Pole, Hyd Drill Fill


JD 350 5-16” Hyd Reset Plow, (5) Coulters

JD 350 4-16” Hyd Reset Plow, (4) Coulters

Tandem Disk, Approx 12’, Scrapers

Pony Drag on Cart, Approx 20’

Cast Iron Packer, 3 Section, 20’

Spike Tooth Flexible Drag Sections

4 Wheel Running Gear

JD 350 Flight Elevator, Approx 50’, Hopper, Grain Chute

Antique Lister

Melroe 501 Chisel Plow, (13) Shanks, PT

Hand Crank Corn Sheller

MN 125 Galvanized Flare Box on 4 Wheel Gear, Hoist

Schwiess Easy Weeder, 4WD, 3 Cyl Gas, 30 Gal Poly Tank, 5 Seat

Flat Rack, 8’x10’, Wood Deck, Hoist, on 4 Wheel Gear

Spike Tooth Drag on Hyd Cart, (9) Section, 45’

Minnesota 135 Single Axle Manure Spreader, no PTO shaft

J&M Approx 150 Bu Gravity Box on Single Axle Old Truck Gear

Galvanized Flare Box On 4 Wheel Gear, Hoist, Bad Floor

Galvanized Flare Box, no floor

Side Delivery Rake on Steel

JD Spring Tooth Field Cult, Approx 9’, Clutch Lift

Misc Grove Machinery, Iron


2000 Gal Vertical Poly Tank, 2” Plumbing

1500 Gal Vertical Poly Tank, 2” Plumbing

(2) 5.5HP Transfer Pumps, 2” Pumps

12V Chem Pump with Meter

3Pt Poly Spray tank, 200 Gal

(2) 200 Gal Saddle Tanks, Brackets

Bander Booms


1000 Gal Diesel Barrel, Gasboy Pump & Meter

1000 Gal Diesel Barrel, no pump

Diesel Barrel, Approx 150 Gal, 12V Pump & Meter

(2) Fuel Barrels On Stands

(3) 1000 Gal Propane Tanks

(2) 500 Gal Propane Tanks