dennis “tony” riley estate
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Tue Aug 24 10:00:00 CDT 2021


Case Construction & Drainage Tiling Equipment, Trucks and Trailers, 30+ Antique Tractors including many Allis Chalmers (D) Series, John Deere, Farmall, Ford, Case, Antique Farm Equipment, Sea Container and much more.

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding

Begins: Tue, Aug 24, 2021 10:00AM


Location: 12656 CR-6, (North Edge of Lamberton), Lamberton, MN 56152

Auction Description

Case Construction & Drainage Tiling Equipment, Trucks and Trailers, 30+ Antique Tractors including many Allis Chalmers (D) Series, John Deere, Farmall, Ford, Case, Antique Farm Equipment, Sea Container and much more.

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding
Begins: Tue, Aug 24, 2021 10:00AM

Location: 12656 CR-6, (North Edge of Lamberton), Lamberton, MN 56152

Running / Restored Tractors
Allis Chalmers 440, 4x4, Cab, Cummins Dsl, V555, 18.4x34 Duals, 2 pt, 2 Hyds 2848 Hrs, Sn# 1743

Allis Chalmers 200 Dsl, Cab, 18.4x38 Pwr Slides, Pto, 2 Hyds, 3pt, No Top Link, 7429 Hrs

Ford New Holland 4630 MFWD, Dsl, 2 Hyd, Pto, 3pt, No top link, 16.9x30 Rears, Fenders, Rops, 1399 Hrs, 11.2x24 Fronts

MM Jet Star 3, WF, Fenders, PTO, 3pt, No Top Link, Runs, 12.4x38, SN 28300413

John Deere 2010, NF, Fenders, Roll-o-Matic, Fenders, Good 13.9-36 Tires, PTO, 3463 Hrs Showing, 1 Hyd, Runs, R24788

Ford Jubliee , 4094 Hrs Showing, Fenders, Lights, WF, PTO, 3pt (No Top Link), 2 Hyds, 12.4x28 Rears, 6.00 x 16 Fronts

1948 AC B, WF, 11.2-24’s, PTO, 1 Hyd, Fenders, Rear Wheel Weights,

AC WD, NF, Like New 13.6-28 Tires w/ Weights, PTO, Fenders

Farmall A, WF, Rear Wheel Weights, Pully, PTO, SN FAA35325

Allis Chalmers CA, WF, 10-24 Tires, PTO, Fenders, Lights, Power Slides

Farmall Cub, WF, Fenders, Lights, 8.3x24, Sn 27800

McCormick W9, 18.4x34 Good Cast Rims, PTO, STD Front, Lights, Fenders

McCormick STD W6, 18.4x30 Cast Spoke Rims, PTO, Older Restoration, Good 6.50x16, SN 22389W

McCormick W4 Standard, 14.9x26, Rear Wheel Weights, Pto, Fenders, Lights, Sn WBH33118

MH 22?, NF, 1 Hyd, Pto, 11.2x34 Rear Wheel Weights, SN 22DR1007

John Deere MT, NF, 11.2x34, Fenders, PTO, SN 15180

MH 22, NF, Class of 32, PTO, SS Steps on Back, 13.6-28 Tires, Runs

John Deere 730 Dsl, WF, PS, 15.5x38, 2pt, PTO, 1 Hyd, Custom Pwer Trol, Older Restoration, 3139 hrs, SN 7306644

John Deere 730, Dsl, WF, PS, Fenders, Lights, PTO, 1 Hyd, 15.5x38, Custom Power Trol, SN 7322209

Allis Chalmers D21 Dsl, 24.5 x 32 Like New, 2 Hyd, Pto, WF, Fenders, 2901 Hrs, Lights

Allis Chalmers D19, Gas, 18.4 x 34, Pto, 1 Hyd, Fenders, Repainted, WF

Allis Chalmers D17 Dsl, 16.9x28, Pwer Slides, Pto, 3pt, No Top Link, Fenders, Lights, Pully

Allis Chalmers WD, Dsl, WF, 14.9x24 Power Slides, Pto, Fast Hitch, Fenders, Lights, Pully

Allis Chalmers D14?, 14.9x26 Pwr Slides, Gas, 1 Snap Coupler, 1 Hyd, Pto, 7786 Hrs, Fenders, Lights, WF

Allis Chalmers D14?, WF, Gas, 14.9x28 Pwr Slides, Pto, 3 pt, No Top Arm, 1 Hyd, Fenders, Lites

Allis Chalmers D12, Gas, WF, Fender, 2 Snap Couplers, 11.2x24 Pwr Slides, 3pt, No Top Link, Pto

Allis Chalmers D10, Gas, WF, 12.4x24 Pwr Slides, Pto, 1 Snap Coupler, Fender Lights

Allis Chalmers 5020 Dsl, Pto, 3pt, No Top Link, Fenders, Lights, 13.6x16 Turf Tires, 1528 Hrs, Sn 3609

Allis Chalmers WC Gas, NF, Fenders, 14.9x24 Pto, Sn WC4446

Allis Chalmers WD Gas, WF, 14.9x28 Pwr Slides, Pto, Fenders, Lights

Allis Chalmers 160 Diesel, WF, w/AC Hyd Loader, 14.9x28 Pwr Slides, Pto, Fenders, Lights, 3pt

Allis Chalmers WD, Gas, NF, w/2 Row Ford Corn Picker, 13.6x28 Pwr Slide

Allis Chalmer WD45 Gas, w/ Hyd Loader, WF, 14.9x28 Pwr Slide, Fenders, Pto

Farmall C, Gas, NF, 9.5x36, Pto, Pully, Fenders, Lights, Sn 40454

John Deere 4030 Dsl, WF, Sound Guard Cab, 7299 Hrs, Quad Trans, 16.9x34, 2 Hyds, 3 Pt, QH Pto, SN 4030H004917R

MH 22, Gas, WF, Fender, 11.2x34, 3pt, PTO, 1 Hyd, Sn 10414

Ford Golden Jubilee, WF, Lights, 12.4x28 Rears, Rear Wheel Weights, Pto

Allis Chalmers WD 45, Gas, WF, 14.9x28 Pwr Slides, PTO, Fenders, Lights

Farmall C, NF, 16.9x26, Fenders, Lights, PTO, Pully Needs Repair, SN 119170

Allis Chalmers G, Gas, WF, Fenders, Light, 7.2x30, 1 Bottom Plow

John Deere 630 Gas, PS, Fenders, Lights, PTO, 1 Hyd, 14.9x38, SN 6307022

Allis Chalmers CA, Gas, NF, PTO, Fenders, 11.2x24 Pwr Slide Wheel Weights, Not Running

Allis Chalmers D17 Series III, Gas, w/ Dual 325 Hyd Loader, 16.9x28 Power Slides, Pto, Fenders

Ford 850 Gas, NF, Front Badge says 800, 13.6x28, Pto, Fast Hitch, 93 Hrs, Fenders

AC WD 45, WF, Fenders, PTO, Snap Couplers
Case 830 Tractor, Dsl, Comfort King, w/ Koyker Hyd Loader, PTO, 3pt, Fenders, 18.4-34’s

Rebel 284, MFWD Tractor 4WD w/ 160 Koyker Loader, 00230 Hrs Showing, Shuttle Shift

Farm Equipment

8.5’ AC Digger w/ 5’ Bar Harrow
JD 5-16 Plow, PT
AC 12’ Tandem Disk
Oliver 2 Bottom Plow
PT 1 Bottom Plow
Frontier 4’ 3pt Tiller
King Cutter 5’ 3pt Rotary Tiller

Construction & Drain Tile Equipment

Case CX210B Excavator, Dsl, 32” Tracks, 42” Bucket, w/ Manuel Thumb, AC, 3373 Hrs

Daewoo DH180LC Hydraulic Excavator, 32” Pads, 42” Bucket, 0044 Hrs Showing
62” Excavator Bucket Sand Bucket

2011 Case 580 Super N 4x4 Backhoe, Ride Control, 92” Loader Bucket, 24” Hoe Bucket, Pilot Controls, 3006 Hrs, Power Shift S Type, 19.5L x 24, Heat & AC, Extend-a-Hoe

HOES Model 685 Self Propelled Tiling Machine, 17” Tracks, 6” Boot, Giant 2000 Laser Plane by Spectra-Physics, Duetz Air Cooled Engine, Engine been replaced, 939 hrs on replaced engine

Koehring 55 Self Propelled Tiling Machine, 20” Tracks, 6” boot, Sn 77552-1

Case 850 Crawler Dozer, Dsl, 20” tracks, 8’ 6-Way Blade, ROPS, 5549 Hrs, SN JAK0001977

(3) Tandem Axle Tile Stringer Trailers, Hyd Tilt

97” x Approx 20’ Shipping Container
500 Gal Fuel Tank w/ Gas Boy Pump
Approx 150 Gal Sq Fuel Tank sold with 1995 Martin 2 Wheel Trailer, 8’ x 51” Long, Mesh Ramp
Plastic Tile Connectors T’s, Pipe

Spectra Precision, Laser Receiver, Laser Plane, Tri-pod, Stick

Robo Lazer, Tri-Pod, Stick

Recreational Items & Mowers
Ford New Holland CM22 Dsl Front Mount Mower, 72” Deck, Open ROPS, 1629 Hrs,

Honda Helix Moped
Artic Cat 500 Auto 4x4 Atv

John Deere 425 Lawn Tractor, Hyd Lift Deck, 1971 Hrs, 54” Deck, Hydro, Poly Sprayer w/ Pump
(8) Older Artic Cat Snowmobiles Including JAG, El Tigre

(2) Kitty Cat Snowmobiles for Parts or Repair

Hitch Hiker Snow Sled


2009 Ford F250 XLT 4x4, 4 Dr, Cloth Int, Diamond Plate Tool Box, Tonneau Cover, V-8 Power Stroke Dsl, Performance Enhanced, 196,069 Miles, $9846 Spent on Engine at 176,512 Miles

2006 Chevy Equinox LT, Auto, Cloth Int, CD Player, 95,368 Miles

2006 Cadillac CTS, 4 Dr, Leather. Moon Roof, 2.8L V-6, 71800 Miles

2007 Buick Lecerne, 4 Dr, Cloth Interior, Heat, AC, Pwr Windows & Locks, 59,000 Miles
Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Auto, 16,833 Miles for Parts or Repair

1992 Ford F-350 Dually, Ext Cab, 2 Fuel Tanks, 5th Wheel Ball, Transmission Leak, 134,268 Miles

Winnebago Lesho Motorhome Parts/Repair
Chevy C-30 V-8 350, Dually, 9’ Wood Box, Hoist, Parts/Repair
Chevy Viking 50 Dump Truck, St. Paul Steel Box & Hoist, Part/Repair
Ford Fairlane for Parts

Trucks & Trailers

1995 Chevy Kodiak Single Axle Truck, 114” x 94” Scott Lite, 5th Wheel Alum Bed, 62,436 Mile
8’ x 16’ Homemade Tri-Axle Trailer w/ Ramps, SNT

Ford 800 Single Axle Dump Truck, 10.00-20’s, 9’ Steel Box & Hoist, 9 Spd, Windshield Needs Repair, 80,222 Miles

2009 XCEL 5th Wheel Trailer, 27’ Bed, 5’ Beaver, 32 Total Length, Side Stake Pockets, Tandem Dually, Folding Ramps

1995 Felling 8’ x 20’ Deck with 10’ Beaver Tail, Tandem Dually, Hyd Beaver

Tractors & for Parts or Repair
Allis Chalmers WD 45, Gas, NF, PTO, 14.9x28 Power Slide, Parts or Repair
AC D-19, Gas, WF
AC D-15, Gas, Backhoe, 24” Bucket, 5’ Loader Bucket
Case VAC
MH 33, NF
Farmall H, NF
AC B Standard, 5’ Sickle Mower
(2) AC WC, NF
(2) JD H
AC WD w/ Loader
Farmall 300
Ford Jublilee
AC D-17
Ford 8-N

Tires, Parts & Supplies

(2) New 9.5x32 Tractor Tires
(2) 16.9xR38 Tires & Rims
(1) 6.50x16 New Tri Rib Tire

Lots of Tractors Owners Manuals, Misc Antique Farm Equipment Including Cultivators, Plows, Loaders and Much More

Please, no drive on inspections at this time, Thank you!

Inspection date; Wednesday, August 18th, 10-3 P.M.


Auction Notes: We will begin with approx 45 misc of misc items then on to running tractors, construction and drainage equipment concluding with parts tractors, farm implements, parts & supplies.

Equipment Questions, Call Jim 507-830-0517