john deere farm equipment retirement auction for b&c farms
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Tue Dec 08 10:00:00 CST 2020


Clean John Deere Farm Equipment Retirement Auction 

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding

Begins: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 10:00AM


Location: 65730 162nd Street Buffalo Lake, MN 55314

Auction Description

Clean John Deere Farm Equipment Retirement Auction, John Deere Combines & Tractors, GH Corn Heads, Case IH Patriot SP Sprayer, Grain Trucks, Semi Trucks, Grain Trailers

Sellers - Charlie Grimm 320-583-1953 Brad Dobberstein 320-583-1954


JD 9560R Tractor, 4WD, 18/6 PS, AutoTrac, Active Seat, 800/70R38 Duals, 4 SCV, Inst. Seat, (20) Rear Suitcase Weights, Hammerstrap, Drawpin, F&R Inside Weights, (3) 205kg, Weights on all 4 Outside Wheels, Premium Cab, XM Radio, CAT 5 HD Drawbar, Premium HID Light Package, Dual Beam Radar, HD Gudgeon, Heavy Steer Pin, Pre DEF, JD GS3 Touchscreen 7” Display, 3,342 Hours Showing, EXT Warranty Till 4,500 Hours or Aug 21, Annual Inspection 2nd Owner, SN- 1RW9560RPDP008773

1999 JD 7810 MFWD Tractor, 19/7 PS, 3 SCV, PB, 3PT, 540/1000 PTO, Foot Throttle, Performance Monitor, 20 Series Headliner, Toolbox, 420/80R46 Rear Duals, New 320/85R34 Fronts, 6274 Hours Showing, With JD 740SL QT Loader, Joystick, 8’ QT Bucket, SN- RW7810P025546

Cat 955 Track Loader, Cab, 15” Tracks, 80” Bucket With Teeth

Frontier 48” Forks, QT, Fits JD 740 Loader

Cat 3 Quick Hitch

(1) JD 2600, AutoTrac, RowSense, SF2

(2) JD 2600, AutoTrac, SF1

(3) JD 3000 Receivers, SF1

JD ATU 200

1995 JD 8300 MFWD Tractor, 16/4 PS, Int AutoTrac, Inst Seat, 3 SCV, PB, 3PT, PTO, Front Fenders, Radar, Rear Wheel Weights, Mirrors, LED Lights, Tool Box, Rock Box, 480/80R42 Rear Duals, 6,577 Hours Showing, Engine Overhauled 1,500 Hours Ago, SN-RW8300P001365, 2nd Owner

1992 JD 4960 MFWD Tractor, 15/4 PS, 3 SCV, PB, 3PT, QH, Hammerstrap, LED Lights, Radar, Rock Box, 14.9R46 Rear Duals, New 270/95R36 Fronts, 6419 Hours Showing, SN- RW4960P00236, 2nd Owner

Ford Model FF211S Tractor Loader Backhoe, Cab, 4x2, Diesel, 88” 4&1 Bucket With Teeth, 29” Backhoe Bucket With Teeth, 4,571 Hours Showing, SN- C516915

18.4-38 10 Bolt Duals, Hubs

20.8-38 Drivers & 9 Bolt Duals

30.5L-32 Tires & Rims


2011 John Deere 9870 STS Combine, AutoTrac, 2WD, Pro Drive, Harvest Smart, Diff Lock, Contour Master, Single Point Hookup, Maurer Grain Tank EXT, 710/70R38 Duals, 28L-26 Rears, Premier Cab, 5 Speed Xtra High Torq Feeder, 22’ Auger, Xtra High Cap Lift Cyls, HD Final Drives, 2067/1510 Hours, Annual Inspection, 2nd Owner, SN- 1H09870SEB0741558

1998 JD 9610 Combine, 2WD, Green Star Ready, Inst Seat, Chopper, Crary Dual Chaff Spreader, Distal Grain Tank Ext, F/A, Clean Sweep Wiper, GreenStar Y&M, JD Brown Box Display, Starfire Receiver, New 480/80R42 Drivers, 18.4-42 Duals, 18.4-26 Rears, 3,801/2750 Hours Showing, SN- H09610X678848

John Deere 635F HydraFlex, Stubble Lights, Single Point, Lo Dam, Fore/Aft, SN- H00635FCH076326

Brent 1082 Grain Cart, Scale, 20” Corner Unload, Adjustable Axle, Hyd Spout, Roll Tarp, 35.5L-32 Diamond Tread, Rear & Auger Camera, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 2nd Owner

2008 Geringhoff RD1200/B Rota Disc Chopping Corn Head, 12R30”, Green Poly, Head Sight, Single Point Hookup, (8) Stalk Stompers, SN- 931681230-B

Unverferth AWS-36 All Wheel Steer Head Trailer, 11L-15 Tires, Ext Pole, Lights, SN- A55570257, Bought New

2010 Case IH 4420 Patriot Sprayer, Inst Seat, 1200 Gallon SS Tank, 120’ Booms, 7 Section, 5 Way Nozzles, Auto Height Control, Ag EZ Guide System, Viper Pro Monitor, Auto Steer, Fenders, Inductor, Foam Markers, Drop Nozzles, 380/90R46, 3,346 Hours Showing, 2nd Owner,
SN- YAT027003

John Deere 930F Flex Head, Stubble Lights, Rock Dam, SN-H00930F697269

Stud King 32’ Tri Cycle Front Head Trailer, Rear Torsion Tandem Axle, Lights, SN- 2506

2008 Geringhoff RD800/B Rota Disc Chopping Corn Head, 8R30” Green Poly, Head Sight, SN- 92408830-B, Bought New, Approx 2500 acres

TE SLAA MFG 30’ Tri Cycle Front Head Trailer, Tandem Axle, Ext Pole, Bought New


2004 JD 1790 CCS 16/31 Planter, Vacuum, Interplant 15” Spacing, 350 Monitor, Corn/Soy Seed Discs, Spring
Down Pressure, Seed Firmers in Corn Rows, Ground Drive Trans, Fluted Coulters, Pro Shaft, Markers,
SN- A01790C710270

2005 JD 1790 CCS 16/31 Planter, Vacuum, Interplant 15” Spacing, 350 Monitor, Corn/Soy Seed Discs, Air Down Pressure, Ground Drive Trans, Fluted Coulters, Pro Shaft, Air Shutoffs Corn Rows, Markers, SN- A01790C715116

JD 2R30” Corn Planter, 71 Units,

ADS Bulk Seed Buddy Seed Tender Trailer, Tandem Axle, Cardinal 212X Storm Scale, Galvanized, GX160 Honda Electric Start Engine, Poly Cup Auger, Talc Applicator, 4 Box System


1996 Freightliner FLD 120 Semi Tractor, Sleeper, M11 Cummins, Rockwell 10 Speed, End Dump Wet Kit, 11R22.5 on Alum Fronts, 8 Bolt Hub Pilot, LoPro 22.5 on Alum Rears, Mud Scrapers, Sliding 5Th Wheel, Air Ride, Air Ride Cab, Tilt/Tele, Jake Brake, Tow Hook, 935,674 Miles showing, 8,815 Hours Showing, VIN- 1FUYDMDB5TH700489

1995 42’ Timpte Standard Super Hopper, 66” Sides, Shur-Lok Roll Tarp, Spring Ride, (2) Rows of 3 Lights, 2 Speed Traps, 11R24.5 on Steel Budd, VIN-1TDH42220SB088279

1988 INTL 9300 SBA Day Cab Semi Tractor, 855 Cummins Big Cam, 13 Speed Eaton Fuller, Sliding 5Th Wheel, Spring Ride Walking Beam, 11R22.5 On Spokes, VIN- 2HSFEG3R3JC008805

1995 Strick 28’ Single Axle Van Trailer, Roll Up Door, Spring Ride, Pintle Hitch, LoPro 22.5 On Steel Budd, (2) 2000 Gallon Poly Tanks, (2) Ind Cones, 5.5 HP GS160 Honda Transfer Pump, 2” Plumbing, 3” Fill, VIN- 1S11E828XSG399480

1998 Felling F10L Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer, Wood Deck, Steel Ramps, 5000 LBS Axles, VIN- 5FTLE1622W1010681

1993 Volvo GMC White Day Cab Semi Tractor, L10 Cummins, 9 Speed Eaton Fuller, Air Ride, 11R22.5 on Steel Hub Pilot, Sliding 5th Wheel, Mud Scrapers, Tow Hooks, VIN- 4V1JDBME5PR818847

1993 30’ Jet Alum Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer, 70” Sides, SRT-2 Roll Tarp, 2 Traps, 11R22.5 on Alum Budd, Spring Ride, VIN- 1J9G30204RH009075

2010 Chev K1500 LTZ, Z71 Package, Silverado, 4x4, 4-Door, 5.3 L Vortec, Auto, Leather, Tonneau Cover, Box Rails, 148846 Miles Showing, VIN- 3GCRKTE33AG141745

2011 Chev K1500 LT, Z71 Package, Auto 4x4, 4-Door, 5.3 L Vortec, Auto, Cloth, Brake Controller, Receiver Hitch, Tonneau Cover, 148780 Miles Showing, VIN- 3GCPKSE38BG327025

1990 INTL 4900 Tandem Axle Twin Screw Grain Truck, 21’ Steel Box, 66” Sides, Roll Tarp, 3PC End Gate, Scissor Hoist, DT 466 Engine, 15 Speed Eaton Fuller, New HYD Pump, 11R22.5 Fronts, LoPro 22.5 Rears, Air Brakes, 331,061 Miles Showing, VIN- 1HTSHZ3R0LH253442

1985 INTL F1954 Tandem Axle Twin Screw Grain Truck, Newer RTR MFG 20’ Steel Box, Side Swing Door, Grain Gate, Hoist, DT466 Engine, 13 Speed Road Ranger, Spring Ride Walking Tandem, Air Brakes, 357,111 Miles Showing, 11R22.5 On Spokes, VIN- 1HTLKTVR8FHA36020

1989 INTL S2300 Tandem Axle Twin Screw Grain Truck, 22’ Omaha Standard Steel Box, Wood Floor, Scissor Hoist, 3 Pc. End Gate, L10, 9 Speed Road Ranger, Spring Ride, LoPro 22.5

2013 Farris 28’ Alum Ag Hopper Grain Trailer, 64” Sides, Shur-Lok Roll Tarp, 2 Traps, Spring Ride, 11R24.5 on Steel Hub Pilot, VIN- 1F9GH2826DG134280, Bought New

1965 Hyster T16 Semi IMP Trailer, 28’ Bed, 4’ Beaver Tail, HYD Ramps, Bed EXT, 3 Axle, 215/75R17.5


DMI 59.5’ Tiger Mate Field Cult, 5 Fold, Walking Tandems On Main Frame & Wings, 5 Fold, (118) Shanks, 7” Sweeps, 3 Bar Harrow, SN- JFH002192, 2nd Owner

DMI 730 7 Shank Disc Ripper, 10” Points, Coverboards, Lead Shanks, Rear Disc Levelers, SN- 5222444

Case IH Ecolo Tiger 730B Ripper, 10” Points, Coverboards, Lead Shanks, HYD Rear Disc Levelers, HYD Wings, SN- JFH0020651, 2nd Owner

Wishek 34’ 842NT Disk, 28” Blades & Scrapers, Tandem Wheels On Main Frame & Wings, SN- 31090534

Degelman 7645 Land Roller, SN- 4156, Bought New

JD 15’ 27 Stalk Chopper, 4 Wheels, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO

750 Gallon Pull Between, Poly Tank, HYD Pump, 3 Solenoids

Loftness 8’ 2 Auger Snow Blower, HYD Spout, 540 PTO

Kewanee 8’ Yard Blade, Manual Turn

Degelman 6000 Reel Type Rock Picker, Model RP6000, 16.5L-16.1L Tires, SN- 22897

Nabor Rock Picker w/Stand, HYD Cylinder

7’ x 9’ Steel Box HYD Dump Trailer, Tandem Axle

JD 1100 3PT 18’ Field Cult, Hyd Fold, 3 Bar Harrow

Bush Hog 7’ SQ840 Rotary Mower, 3Pt, 540 PTO

KatoLight Model 18TD1 Generator, 18 KW, 115-230 Volt, Single Phase, 540 PTO

1000 Gallon Fuel Barrel, Fill-Rite Pump

1000 Gallon Diesel Barrel, Westinghouse Pump, Auto Nozzle

Homemade Rock Digger

500 Gallon Gas Barrel, Fill-Rite Pump, Auto Nozzle

300 Gallon Diesel Barrel, 12V Fill-Rite Pump, 2-Axle 42” X 7’ Trailer, No Title

5’ x 2’ x 3’ Diesel Barrel, 12V Pump, Auto Nozzle

Approx 125 Gallon Diesel Barrel, 12V Pump

Tote-A-Lube (2) 110 Gallon Poly Tanks on Stand

Tuff Mfg Hot Water Pressure Washer, GX 340 Honda Engine, Hose, Wand on Cart, SN- 27975

500 Gallon Waste Oil Tank

1500 & 1600 Gallon Poly Tanks

200 Gallon Saddle Tanks with Mounts

Chemical Shuttle, 12 Volt Pump

Misc. 2” Hoses

Misc. Tools, Supplies

Tillage, Planter & Sprayer Parts

Pallet HD Cable Slings

Misc. Gates

(6) SS Hog Feeders

(14) Industrial Mercury Vapor Lights

(2) Seats out of CaseIH Magnum Tractors

Scrap Iron