j.r. fennern farm equipment estate auction
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Sat Apr 17 09:30:00 CDT 2021


John Deere Tractors, John Deere 9770 4WD Combine, Peterbilt Grain Truck, Farm & Tillage Equipment, Gravity Boxes, Augers, Grain Handling Equipment, Grove Machinery, Iron and much more!!  

Live On-site Auction with Online Bidding

Begins: Sat, Apr 17, 2021 9:30AM


Location: 23088 Impala Wabasso, MN 56293

Auction Description

John Deere Tractors, John Deere 9770 4WD Combine, Peterbilt Grain Truck, Farm & Tillage Equipment, Gravity Boxes, Augers, Grain Handling Equipment, Grove Machinery, Iron and much more!! 

Please no drive on inspections at this time! 


1997 CaseIH 9370 4WD Tractor, 710/70R38 Duals, 4 SCV, Hammerstrap, Drawpin, (40) JD
Suitcase Weights, 12 Speed Manual Trans with Hi-Lo, 2972 Hours Showing, new batteries, SN- JEE0068076

2003 JD 8120 MFWD Tractor, Int AutoTrac, ActiveSeat, 5 SCV, PB, Hammerstrap, Factory QH, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 380/90R50 Rear Duals, 320/85R38 Front Duals, Front Fenders, K&M Rockbox, Toolbox, Mirrors, ClimaTrak, 3327 Hours Showing, SN- RW8120P012525

(2) 380/90R50 Duals on JD Yellow 10 Bolt Rims, Used as triples, (2) 21” 10 Bolt Spools

1966 JD 4020 Diesel, PS, 18.4-34 Rears, Fenders, 1 Hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Comfort Step, Comfort Steps, 5555 Hours Showing, Gear Reduction Starter, SN- SNT213P127934R, with JD 48 Loader, 7’ Bucket, Power Beyond Control Valves

1961 JD 4010 Diesel, 14.9R46 Rears, 7.50-20 Fronts, Fenders, 3pt, 2Hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Front Fenders, K&M Super Stepmaster Toolbox, 3132 Hours Showing, Homemade Canopy, Hammerstrap, SN- 2T19199

(13) JD 50 Series Suitcase Weights

(12) Case 70 Series Front Weights

Quick Hitch

(2) 270/95R36 Tractor Tires on 12 Bolt Yellow Rims

(2) 16.9-38 Tractor Tires on Yellow Double Bevel Rims

(2) 16.9-38 Duals on 9 Bolt Yellow Rims

Rear Wheel Casts for JD Tractors

Misc Tractor Tires




1958 JD 730 Diesel Tractor, WF, Power Steering, Fenders, Near New Firestone 15.5-38 Rears, 1 Hyd, PTO, 3pt, QH, Pony Motor, Restored, SN- 7300259


1947 JD A Tractor, NF, Slant Dash, Lights, New 12.4-38 Rears on Cast, New Fronts, Elec Start, Dual Fuel, Rockshaft, 1 Hyd, PTO, SN- 580826, Restored


1937 JD A Tractor, NF, 12.4-38 on Flat Spoke, New 7.50-16 Fronts, Dual Fuel, PowerTrol, 1 Hyd, PTO, SN- 443619


1941 JD B, NF, 10-38 Tires on Cast Rears, Dual Fuel, PTO, Hand Start, SN- B107011, with 30” Buller Front Mount Buzz Saw, Older Restoration


1953 AC WD45, WF, Fenders, 3pt, PTO, 13.6-28 Rears on Powerslide Rims, Elec Start, Alternator, SN- WD150122, restored


1950 AC WD Tractor, NF, Fenders, Elec Start, Alternator, 12V, PTO, Like New 11.2-28 Rears, SN- 40373


Lundeen Cab for JD Tractor


JD Vintage 3pt Sprayer, Fiberglass Tanks

JD F145H 3-16” Semi Int Plow, Hyd Cyl

JD C-11 12’ Mounted Field Cult, with Noble 2 Bar Harrow

JD Flail Mower, 3pt, 84”, PTO

AC 3-14” Fast Hitch Plow

Cast Iron Packer


2000 Chev Corvette, 5.7L, 49414 Miles Showing, Forrest Green, Tan Int, Removable Hardtop, VIN- 1G1YY22G1Y5103730, plate- CGV 806


Studebaker 2 Door Hardtop, Auto, 94705 Miles Showing, VIN- 3I247483, Approx $10,000 Spent on engine in the last year 

Chevy Custom Deluxe 30 Pickup, 454, Auto, 4x4, 11R24.5 Tires, off road use


Ford 70’s F-250 4x4 Pickup, for parts


Chevy 60’s 3/4 Ton 2WD Pickup, for parts


Chevy 80’s K10 4x4 Pickup, Diesel, for parts


Chevrolet V8 Engine




JD 2700 Disk Ripper, 9 Shank, 7” Points, Coverboards, Disk Levelers, Summers MA1420 Rolling Baskets with Mud Scrapers, SN- 1N02700XCB0740104


Wil-Rich Quad 5 Field Cultivator, 50’, Floating Hitch, (4) Front Gauge Wheels, 5 Fold, Rear Hitch & Hyd, 4 Bar Harrow, (85) Shanks, 7” Spacing, SN- 450767


Sunflower 7252 Crumbler, 50’, 5 Fold, Ext Pole


NH Offset Disk, HD, Approx 12’


IH 490 Tandem Disk, 27’, Scrapers, 3 Bar Harrow


JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 32’, 3pt, (2) Gauge Wheels, Hyd Fold


Alloway 3030Cultivator, 16R22”, Flatfold Double Bar, Single Shank, Tall Rolling Shields


Alloway 3030 Cultivator,16R22”, Flatfold Double Bar, Single Shank, Rear Hitch, Anhydrous Hardware


Hiniker 1000 16R22” Anhydrous Applicator on Cultivator Folding Bar, 3pt, Rear Hitch


Cultivator Parts




Brent 874 Grain Cart, 18.4R42 Duals, Adj Axle, Light Package, Roll Tarp, 17” Corner Auger, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, Camera, SN- B1683155


Crysteel Hopper Wagon, 2 Traps, Surge Brakes, Light Package, 18-19.5 Tires, Oil Bath Hubs, Ext Pole


Parker 375 Gravity Box, 2 Door, 2 Compartment, 15-22.5 Tires, Hyd Drill Fill Brush Auger, on Parker 1276 Gear, Brakes, Lights


Barge Box, 7’x12’, Wood, on Electric 4 Wheel Gear, Hoist




1000 Gal LP Tank, End Valves


Diesel Barrel, Horizontal, 8’x16’, Manhole, 110V Pump & Meter


500 Gal Diesel Barrel, (2) 110V Pumps


Rectangle Fuel Tank, Approx 150 Gal, 12V Pump, 64”x24”x24”


Truck Fuel Tank with 12V Pump


Poly Leg Tank, Yellow, Approx 500 Gal


Tru-Kleen 100 Gal UTV Sprayer, Honda GX120 with 20’ Folding Booms, Hose Reel, Wand


(2) Redball 60 Gal Poly Tanks on Stands


(2) 200 Gal Fiberglass Saddle Tanks, Brackets




JD Gator XUV835R, Enclosed Cab, A/C, Heat, 7069 Miles Showing, Front Bumper, Winch, Alum Wheels, Street Tires, LED Lights, Cloth Seat, Manual Dump, SN- 1M0835RAVJM013804


(4) Polaris Ranger Alum Rims, (2) 27x9R14, (2) 27x11R14 Tires


(2) 26x9R14 ATV Tires


(2) 26x11R14 ATV Tires


JD Z970R ZTrak Zero Turn Lawnmower, 7 Iron 72” Deck, 35 HP, 289 Hours Showing, Roll Bar, No Flat Rear Tires, SN- 1TC970RDLHT051980


Lawn Mower, Pull Type, 60”, Gas Engine, Elec Start

 Flatbed Deck Over Bumper Trailer, Tandem Axle, 23’, 19’ V Front wood Deck with 4’ Steel Beaver, 100” Wide, Stake Pockets, plate- ADYE415, unable/unable

2011 Bear Track Aluminum Tandem Axle Trailer, 64”x20’, Folding Ramp, Alum Rims, VIN- 5R1BU2025BE00053. ? plate- ABBJ 954


PJ 7712G Single Axle Trailer, 77”x12’, Wood Deck, Side Ramps, Rear Mesh Ramp Gate, VIN- unable, plate- ABxxxx


Homemade Single Axle Flatbed Trailer, 8’x12’ Wood Deck, Hoist, SNT


Polaris RMK 600 Snowmobile, Xtra Lite 136, VIN- 4XA9R6DS2YB056391


1995 Polaris 440 Liquid Indy Snowmobile, 3226 Miles Showing, VIN- 2686037


(2) Rupp Nitro II 440 Snowmobiles


Skiroule Laser 440 Snowmobile




2010 JD 9770 STS 4x4 Combine, AutoTrac, ContourMaster, HarvestSmart, ProDrive, Variable Feeder Drive, Maurer Ext, 710/70R38 Duals, 28L-26 Rears, 2180/1566 Hours Showing, SN- 1H09770SCA0738542


2008 JD 612C Stalkmaster Chopping Cornhead, Knife Rolls, RowSense, HHC, End Snout Ear Savers, (12) Lankota Stalk Stompers, SN- H0612CC725183


2015 JD 635F HydraFlex Platform, F/A, Lo Dam, Crary AirReel, Single Point, Toolbox, SN- 1H00635FTF0775219


JD 100 Series Grain Pickup Head, 4 Belt Hyd Drive Pickup


Homemade 4 Wheel 30’ Head Trailer


Homemade 4 Wheel 20’ Head Trailer




JD Brownbox, AutoTrac SF2 Card


JD Starfire 3000 Receiver


JD ATU 200 used on CaseIH 9370




1989 Peterbilt 378 SBA Tri Axle Grain Truck, 13 Speed, Cummins 365 HP, Jake Brake, A/C, Air Ride, Dual Alum Fuel Tanks, Rear Lift Axle, Mud Scrapers, Lo Pro 22.5 on Alum Outside, Steel Inside Budd Rims, Air Ride, 460540 Miles Showing, 96”x22’x66” Box, Hoist, Combination Top Hinge Endgate, VIN- 1XPFD29X3KD271719, plate- TLB9021, P feb 19


1979 Peterbilt 359 SBA Day Cab Semi Tractor, Sliding 5th Wheel, Merritt Alum Headache Rack, 11R22.5 on Alum Budd Rims, Cat 3206 Engine, Alum Frame, Alum Walking Beam Susp, VIN- 121582P


Peterbilt 63” Flattop Sleeper


Truck Parts, Including Rims, Fuel Tanks, Steps, Radiators, 5th Wheels, Transmissions, etc..


Misc Truck Tires & Rims




Kodiak 5940EX-S0 Gun Safe, 40 Long Gun, 8 Pistol Capacity, 59” High, 40” Wide, 23” Deep, Digital Keypad


Browning Theftgard 1P60 Gun Safe, 40 Long Gun Capacity, 58” High, 36” Wide, 26.5” Deep, Digital Keypad


John Deere Gun Safe, 60.5 High, 30” Wide, 22” Deep


Glass Door Gun Cabinet, with Lower Storage, 12 Gun Capacity


Kenmore Upright Freezer, 65” High, 32” Wide, 26.5” Deep


Misc Household Furniture & Items


Grandfather Clock


Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill, Jim Bowie


Members Mark 3 Burner SS Gas Grill


Gas Grill


Hobart 4332 Meat Grinder, with Accessories


Kleen-Kut Vertical Meat Bandsaw




Ford 575D Backhoe, Enclosed Cab, Turbo 4x4, 88” Bucket, Bolt on Cutting Edge, Xtra-Vator Boom with 24” Bucket, 18.4-24 Rear R4 Tires, Joysticks, 4874 Hours Showing, SN- AB33823


Werner Fiberglass Ladders, 10’, 8’


Miller Millermatic 250 Wirefeed Welder


Craftsman 225 Amp Battery Charger


1-1/2 Ton Floor Jack


Impact Sockets


DeWalt PowerTools


Bottle Jacks


Knipco Heater


Milwaukee Right Angle Drill


Bolt Bins, with Contents


Enco 7” Metal Band Saw


24” HD Box Fan


Duracraft Floor Model Drill Press


6” Grinder on Stand


Delta 1” Belt Sander


Rotary Revolution 2 Post Hyd Car Hoist


Blackhawk Floorjack


Harris Torch Head, Regulators, Hose


Ryobi 14” Chop Saw


220 Cord


ESAB PCM-875 Plasma Cutter


Futura Hot Pressure Washer, Hose Reel


Generac 50/35KW PTO Generator on Cart


Powermate 7500/6000 Watt Generator


Steel Flare Box on 4 Wheel Gear, Loaded with Firewood


Steel Shed Sheeting


Live Trap


Imp Tires on Rims


Plastic Tile Connectors


IH 80 Snowblower, 84”, 2 Auger, Hyd Spout with JD Cyl, 540 PTO


NH 56 5 Bar Basket Rake


Crown Fork Style Rock Picker


Black Max 3 PT Snowblower, 1-3/4” 1000 PTO, 9’, with Extensions to 12’, 2 Auger, Hyd Spout


Log Splitter, 3pt, 24” Stroke


Hyster Forklift, 3 Stage Mast, Side shift, LP, 50” Forks, Hard Tire




3/4” Cable on Spool




Balzer Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle, Double Beater, Slop Gate, Double Apron Chain, 540 PTO


(5) Agri-Prods RMI Superhutch 2000 Poly Calf Shelters


(2) Ritchie 4 Hole Energy Free Hog Waterers


Pride of the Farm SS Hog Feeders


Smidley Hog Feeders


(2) 12’ Sioux Hog Gates


Misc Steel Hog Gates


Bale Spear, Skidloader QT


Poly Fence Panels




Hutchinson 8”x61’ Auger, LH PTO


Sudenga 8”x61’ Auger, End PTO


Mayrath 10”x71’ Auger, RH PTO, Aftermarket Hyd Lift


Feterl White 10x61’ Auger, 10 HP Elec, Hyd Winch Lift


Kewanee 10”x71’ Auger, LH PTO, Aftermarket Elec Motor Winch Lift, JD Cast Wheel


Feterl White 10”x71’ Swing Hopper Auger, Front PTO, Hyd Drive Hopper, Hyd Lift


Westfield MK130-91 Swing Hopper Auger, 540 PTO


Westfield WR100-41 Auger, 7.5 HP Elec Motor, Hyd Winch Lift


Hutchinson 10x31’ Auger, 7.5 HP Elec Motor


Speed King 8”x19’ Auger on Transport, no motor


8” Jump Auger Hopper, no motor


American Grain Dryer, LP, 12’, 17474 Hours Showing, SN- T711238101, 220V, 1 Ph, 10 HP Fan Motor, (2) 3 HP Motors


8”xApprox 30’ Wet Auger, 5HP Motor


Brock Wet Holding Bin, (16) Legs, 4 Ring, 18’ Dia


(3) Butler Grain Bins, 9 Ring, Approx 18’ Dia


Butler Grain Bin, 10 Ring, Approx 18’ Dia


Butler Grain Bin, 6 Ring, Approx 18’ Dia


Chief Grain Bin, 6 Ring, Approx 36’ Dia, 8” Sump, Motor, Burner, Full Floor, 24” Aeration Fan, Roof VentsSioux

Grain Bin, 10 Ring, Approx 30’ Dia, Full Floor, 8” Sump, 24” Aeration Fan, Roof Vents


Rotary Grain Screener, no motor


12” Caldwell Aeration Fan


Flat Floor Aeration Screens


Grain Spreader


Assorted Elec Motors