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Please view our website for changes per auction as some auctions will be
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This will change nothing other than allowing physical presence of people
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For Nearly 40 years the Henslin Auction Team has been committed to promoting the auction profession. We have been active members of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association (MSAA) and surrounding states as well as being life-time members of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA).

We are committed to providing the most professional auction experience for both the buyers and sellers.

We are very proud of our company’s past 40 years and we are excited about the future. We are excited to partner with you and make your auction a success!

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LaDon D. Henslin


October 2021

Machinery Pete talks with Dan Sullivan and Allen Henslin about Sullivan Auctioneers (Illinois) recent acquisition of Henslin Auctions, Inc. of Minnesota.

Sept 10th

Dale D. Anderson Estate, D&J Family Farms, LLC Farm Equipment Estate Auction

“$170K is Highest auction sale price on JD 8430 in 7+ years, since June 2014”

JD Tractors sold very high yesterday.  1990 JD 4255 2WD with 2978 hours sold tied 4th highest price ever; 2009 JD 9530 sold 3rd highest price ever – highest in 5 years; 2007 JD 8430 sold highest price in 7+ years….story here with full sale price report.

LaDon Henslin  shared this fitting closing homage:  “We told Lefty … You’ve pulled the wagon; you’ve pushed the wagon; now it’s your turn to ride.”

Read more of Lefty’s story here.

April 9th – Jere Olson Farm Equipment Estate Auction

Olson Farm Auction

JD 9520, 7830 and 6430 Tractors Sold High on Minnesota Farm Auction

2007 JD 9520 4WD with 4888 hours, sold: $139,000

Read more here of what Machinery Pete has to say on sale prices April 9th from the Jere Olson Farm Estate auction!

Used Wheel Loaders Rising in Value

March 28, 2021

Values on good used Wheel Loaders are rising says Machinery Pete in his weekly Ag Day TV report. High recent auction sale prices on Deere 544J and 624K Wheel Loaders are highlighted. 

March 16th 2021

Curt and Judy Groen Farm Retirement Auction

2007 New Holland TG215 with 2133 hours sold for new record high auction price and 2001 Cat 45 with 4178 hours went for the highest auction price in exactly 9 years!!

November 19th 2020

1991 CaseIH 7130 with 6056 hours sold for highest price on 7130 in over 6 1/2 years!!



Red hot prices today on Mike Palmer farm estate auction in Fairfax, MN by Henslin Auctions, Inc.…1991 CaseIH 7130 with 6056 hours sold for highest price on 7130 in over 6 1/2 years!!  Sells for $52,500!!

Here is the full story.

November 17th 2020

2013 JD 9410R Sells for $235,000!!


Used values going UP….2013 JD 9410R with 877 hours, super sharp, sold for new record high price of $235,000 today on Swanson Farms online auction in west-central Minnesota, sale by our friends at Henslin Auctions, Inc.…$235K is $15K above prior record high price. 

View Top 10 highest Auction Prices ever on JD 9410 R’s.

Pair of John Deere Double Sided Lighted Dealership Signs from Early 1970’s

Sell Aug 14th 2020 at The Brad & Susan Krumrey Auction

On The Auction Block with LaDon and Allen Henslin


LaDon and Allen Henslin

Machinery Pete talks about the COVID-19 virus and the immense impact on the farm auction industry.

Pete walks us through the past week day by day as auction firms dealt with unprecedented challenges and rose to meet them to serve both buyer and seller. Pete interviews auctioneers Dan Sullivan with Sullivan Auctioneers (IL) and Allen Henslin with Henslin Auctions (MN) about what the past week has been like. Pete also comments on how used farm equipment values held up over this challenging week.

JANUARY 6th 2020

Allen Henslin, Vice President of Henslin Auctions, Inc., discusses why the company partners with Proxibid.


Lifetime Collection of Collectible Cars, Pickups and

Tractors Sold On Auction

Broadcast On The Mankato KEYC Television Station

Machinery Pete’s Auction Prices On Today’s (Schmidt Auction – July 9th, 2019)

from Marietta, MN Farm Retirement Auction

The Above Sale Price Report Is Followed By Highlighted Items On The Marietta July 9th Auction With Machinery Pete’s Notes On The Final Prices



This new truck presented to Frank Roering from the Staff & Friends
of Henslin Auctions, Inc. for over 30 years of service to the Auction Profession and Promoting the Auction Method of Marketing. Frank Roering also
is a Proud Member of the MSAA & Lifetime Member of the NAA








Henslin Auctions, Inc. wins marketing contest awards at the 2015 Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Annual Conference and Show

The 2015 MSAA Conference and Show was held in Bloomington, Mn on Jan 8th – Jan 10th, 2015. Henslin Auctions, Inc. won multiple 1st place advertising and marketing awards in the following categories; Antiques and Collectibles, Multi-Sided and Promotional and Specialty Ideas (Company Display). Also winners on the “Members Choice” award (Company Display) for all categories which is voted on by other auction professionals.

Allen Henslin wins 2014 NDAA Champion Auctioneer Conte

Allen Henslin wins 2014 NDAA Champion Auctioneer Contest

The 2014 North Dakota Auctioneers Association Convention was held Feb 6th-8th at the Ramada Plaza Suites in Fargo, ND. Allen J. Henslin, Henslin Auctions, Inc. of Bird Island, MN won the 2014 NDAA Auctioneer Contest and was also a guest speaker at the convention. Auctioneers in the contest were from Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. He currently serves as a board member on the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Board of Directors. In conjuction with the NDAA convention, The Greater Midwest Livestock Auctioneer Contest was held in West Fargo, ND on Feb 8th. Brennin Jack of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada took 1st Place amongst the best livestock auctioneers in the world.

Farmer’s Hotline Auctioneer’s Corner Interview
of Allen Henslin, Featuring Henslin Auctions, Inc.

Machinery Pete at the Moll Farm Equipment Auction in Sleepy Eye, MN


Machinery Pete at the Jerome Anderson Auction in Atwater, MN

ON NOVEMBER 14, 2014

Machinery Pete’s “Auction of the Week”

Machinery Pete

In January, 2014, Henslin Auctions, Inc. was featured on RFD TV, “Auction of the Week,” by Machinery Pete, Greg Peterson a Benson, MN native. The auction was from November 26th, 2013. This was a Late Model Farm Equipment Retirement Auction for Harvey and Sheila Post, Prinsburg, MN.

machinery pete

Machinery Pete’s Blog”

Machinery Pete: Tracking Auction Prices and Market Trends on
Farm & Construction Equipment Since 1989

“2007 JD 8130 with 1472 hours on farm retirement auction Tuesday in Prinsburg, MN….
I’ll be there with camera crew to shoot this sale
for upcoming episodes of our new TV show on RFD-TV”

From: Machinery Pete’s Website | NOVEMBER 26, 2013

“Examples are flying at me from EVERY direction this week…
nice condition used Tractors are fetching
VERY STRONG sale prices on farm auctions all over…”

From: Machinery Pete’s Facebook Posts | NOVEMBER 26, 2013

From: Machinery Pete's Facebook Posts | NOVEMBER 26, 2013

“2011 CaseIH 535 Quad Trac Tractor Sold on Prinsburg, MN farm auction …”

green tractor

“Lot of interest in the 1983 JD 4250 2WD with 8795 hours on
Prinsburg, MN farm auction ….seller owned since 1000 hours”

“We had a wild one.”
That was the quote I got last night from long-time auctioneer friend Allen Henslin about the farm auction sale Henslin Auctions, Inc. had yesterday (August 8, 2013) in Bird Island, MN. Basketball fans in the Land of 10,000 Lakes know Bird Island as the home of the boy’s Class A state basketball champions back in 1980 & 1981. I know Bird Island as a beautiful little farming town in west-central Minnesota, not far from where I grew up.

So a “wild” farm auction yesterday, what was Allen Henslin referring to?
Let me give you (2) examples:
1. 1990 John Deere 4955 MFWD tractor with 4,436 hours, sold: $77,000
2. CaseIH 496 25′ disk, sold: $21,000

LaDon Henslin Inducted Into The 2013 MSAA Hall Of Fame

Henslin Team

Henslin Auctioneers attended the 2013 Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Conference and Show held at the Holiday Inn, St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Show was held on Thursday, January 17th, 18th, and 19th. Henslin Auctioneers and their staff attended many seminars on bid calling, advertising, on-line bidding, and improving their skills in the auction profession. Henslin Auctioneers received First Place in Promotional Auction Specialty. Allen Henslin was elected to the MSAA Board of Directors.  LaDon Henslin was inducted into the MSAA Hall of Fame as an Active Member. Staff in attendance at the MSAA Conference & Show were LaDon, Annette, Allen Henslin, Frank Roering, Brad Dallmann, Faye Kidrowski, and Mark Molenaar.

ladon msaa article

Allen Henslin Elected To The 2013 MSAA Board of Directors

msaa board

Gerald & Charlotte Fank – Massey-Harris Auction –  May 16, 2014 – As Covered By “The Land” Magazine

Ariel view of auction red tractor with yellow wheels

 With the oldest tractor dating back to 1930 and a total of  52 tractors, all Massey Harris brand, the remarkable May 10 auction of Gerald & Charlotte Fank, rural Cosmos, MN was just that: Remarkable.  Henslin Auctions, Bird Island, MN handled this unique auction.  An estimated 2,000 people attended.

  Yes, lots of lookers, but lots of buyers too.  A total of 492 people from 10 states plus Canada checked in for ‘bidder’s numbers’ and buying privileges on the 851 different lot items.  It was an amazingly fast moving auction starting promptly at 9 am….yet in true ‘live auction’ style,  whenever the ‘pros’ crying the sale felt a particular item needed a couple more pauses, so be it. And invariably a few more dollars rang up on the last call.

       Adding to the intrigue of this particular auction, Internet bidding from 5 different countries was also part of the bidding process.  A young computer man sitting next to the auctioneer instantly acknowledged  Internet proxy bids so the auctioneer in a sense was in constant contact both with his ‘live audience’ out front and bidders from England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

    With two auctioneers simultaneously calling separate portions of the sale, which started promptly at 9 a.m., the last bid was taken at 3:55 pm. And at about 4:15 p.m. a light shower quietly settled the afternoon’s proceedings.

“Yes, this was quite a day.  I thank the good Lord for the gentle weather, even though showers were predicted.  And considering all the cranky weather of this spring, temperatures were about perfect…around 55-58 degrees,” said Gerald Fank, age 68, who early on got hooked, so to speak, on collecting Massey Harris tractors, and anything else with a Massey Harris name imprinted.

     A big 40’ x 100’ tent housed the memorabilia he had gathered over the years. We’re talking a dozen or so Massey Harris signs, clocks, wall thermometers.  Plus literally dozens of Massey Harris and Massey Ferguson belt buckles, ballpoint pens, buttons, playing cards, toys, lighters, pencils, matchbooks, key chains, watch fobs, even some MF ice scrapers.

Fank had good words for the Henslin Auction crew.  “They went beyond whatever I imagined to put this sale together. It really surprised me and my wife Charlotte with all the detail they covered ahead of the auction.  They were out here several days getting everything properly lined up.  Every tractor for example was lined up according to its year of manufacture.  And because our parking in the auction area was limited to ‘handicapped’ parking, they even brought some ATVs to transport people back and forth from roadside parking to auction and back to their vehicles.  They are so very professional.”

    Fank credits his wife with being the ‘detail lady’ for the auction.  He also said Charlotte, age 64, at times was as good or better mechanic than he and his crew on getting all parts and pieces ready to go. “I was talking with a guy who stopped earlier at the farm needing a carburetor.  Before I was done talking, my wife had the carburetor off another rig and brought it up to the shed to get the part he needed.  There’s nothing she won’t tackle,” commented Gerald.
“She’s very much into collecting this old stuff too. We love traveling and doing things together,” said Fank adding that their marriage also produced four sons; Andy, 38, Patrick, 40, John, 41, and Greg, 42.  Dad said his boys also helped over the years with ‘dad’s hobby’.  “But they’ve all got their own lives now.”  They now have 11 grandkids too.

    So how did Fank become a Massey Harris nut?  “I grew up with them.  My dad farmed with Massey; my grandfather the first tractor he bought was a Massey back in 1938. So I just like the Massey tractors…my favorite color and they’ve proven to be dependable.  Plus I could buy Massey red cheaper.

    “When I first got married I worked off the farm but had some livestock so I needed a tractor for hauling manure and working around the place.  I went to auction sales and the John Deere’s were selling for $300-$400; Internationals were selling for $300-$400 but if there was a Massey at the same sale, it would sell for $100-$125.  So my first Massey I bought in 1969. It was one of the first 44’s ever built.  I used that tractor every day, 365 days of the year, hauling manure so it had to start.  I built a cab for it because in 1969 tractors with cabs were rare.”  That tractor sold for $600 May 8!

    In addition to the 50+ tractors, all with engines that would start up the day of the sale, the tractor lineup also included a dozen or more MH engines in various stages of ‘deconstruction’, which in those days were built by Continental.  But the reason for these extra engines was simply to provide parts to keep the other tractors running.  “Massey Harris parts are not very available these days so sometimes you’ve got to steal from one to fix another,” commented Fank.

      Several Canadian buyers attended this auction simply because used Massey’s are hard to find in Canada, even though Toronto was at one time the manufacturing hub of Massey Harris, which also built at Racine, WS.

        Old- timer Larry Boyd, Wolf Lake, Indiana, said he travels a lot out here in Prairie Country looking for antique tractors.  He’s particular…buying only old rigs on steel wheels. At Fank Sale he bought a Massie Harris 6 cylinder GP.  And what does he do with his collection of steel wheeled antiques?  “I just play around with them; rebuild as needed.”

      This auction even included a couple of old timers with crawler treads.  Fank explained that back in the 1950s, Massey was going to get into the crawler business to provide for the highway and road builders. “They produced a handful of test crawlers; put them out for testing but soon called them all back in to the factory.  Nobody really seems to know why,” said Fank relating that at one time Massie was also connected with Cletrac and a company called General to start producing smaller farm and garden rigs.  That lineup however was eventually sold to Oliver Manufacturing, Charles City, IA, and marketed as the Oliver Cletrac.

     The Massey Harris names stems from two men, Mr. Massey and Mr. Harris who combined to start the MH business in the early 1930s.  Somewhat surprising is the fact that one of the first tractors built by this new business was the MH 76” 4WD.  Yes, a 4 wheel drive tractor back in 1930.  This was pre-rubber era so wheels were all steel on this 1930 rig.

   Eventually Harris wanted to get out of the business.  However in the meantime Ferguson had invented and was marketing a hydraulic 3-point hitch system so he got in with Mr. Harris and the name changed from Massey Harris to Massey Ferguson in about 1956. According to Fank, 1958 was the last year for the use of the Massey Harris name.

 Prospecting on his own sale, Fank said, “I rather expect this will be an older bunch attending but I’d rather sell the tractors a little cheaper and see more younger people getting into perpetuating some of our agricultural history.”  Along that line he’d like to see some father and son teams getting into this business of collecting and restoring old time farm equipment.

Wife Charlotte simply responded, “It’s time.  We’re now retired and it’s time to let other people enjoy these items.  We can’t keep maintaining everything. We’ve done this as a team for 40 years.  I learned mechanics from my Dad.  Before he taught me to drive he said ‘you’re first going to learn all the important parts of this car’.   Once we got married we quickly learned this was something we could do together and enjoy.”

 Their ambitions now?  For certain not a cruise ship vacation.  “I hate the water.  But traveling to some quiet spots in America, like hanging out in Wyoming or Montana.  Maybe just get out and do some prairie dog hunting,” summed up Charlotte.

   Gerald admits he’ll miss putzing around with his old tractors but he also admits that at some point in life he had to say ‘this is enough’. “Hopefully the next generation will step up and get into old farming memorabilia and tractors….because we’ve got to have someone carry on that heritage,” summed up Fank.  Somewhat surprising, even though Gerald Fank had over 50 tractors for sale May 8, he’s never bought a new tractor!

     Interviewed during the auction, LaDon Henslin called this the largest sale of Massey Harris gear that he’s aware of with Internet buyers around the world –plus a huge crowd at the sale.  “It’s just an honor for us to call this sale. Gerald and Charlotte have done such an incredible job putting this collection together.  Yes, this combination of Internet buyers plus serious bidders here on the sale ground is generating some wild money.  This is a good example of the tremendous changes that have taken place in the auction business the past few years.

two red tractorsmassey harris sign

  Probably one of the more astounding prices paid for memorabilia was $2700 for an 18” x 5’ metal Massey Harris antique metal sign.  Jim Zenk, Olivia area farmer recalls selling that sign to Gerald Fank for $100 about 20 years ago.  Zenk had ‘salvaged’ that same sign from  an old building that used to house Nat Kuske, an Olivia implement dealer who handled the Massey Harris farm equipment dating back to pre-WWII days.

   The Henslin auctioneering crew at Fank Sale included LaDon, his son Allen, Frank Roering plus ring workers catching bids.  Allen, only 26, is already recognized as one of the best in the trade.  How does he prep for a sale of this magnitude?  “Once the sale starts it’s just getting into a good rhythm and keeping a good steady tempo.  The most important thing when calling a sale is your breathing. Make certain you’re taking good breaths and you’re not overworking your voice.”

He started selling when he was 20 during his 2nd year of college after first going to Auction School at Mason City, IA.  “Because I was deathly afraid of getting up and talking in front of people. I simply had a fear of public speaking but my Dad convinced me I had to overcome that and the best way was to go to auction school. I just fell in love with it after that.”

Allen’s Granddad was a Massey Harris dealer.  He died when he was only 40 years old, LaDon was six.  “That’s why this will be a sale I will always remember.”  Allen didn’t yet have final numbers when we talked but he predicted this Fank sale could do a 20% or higher Internet sales total.  Incidentally, Allen’s ‘voice prep’ before calling an auction is gargling with warm water and drinking warm water.  “You want your vocal cords to stay loose.”

Henslin Auctions Breaks Company Record for Online Sales on Proxibid

       Omaha, NE – September 7, 2011 – Henslin Auctions Inc. broke a company record for online sales when its September 1 auction was webcast live online on Proxibid (, the world’s largest real auction marketplace.  More than 24% of the inventory sold to online bidders on Proxibid, which is above average for online sell-through for heavy equipment and machinery auctions, and approximately twice the average online sell-through for construction equipment auctions.

       Fifty-eight lots of construction equipment crossed the auction block during this auction, which featured rock crusher, conveyors, scrapers, excavators, trucks, trailers, and more.  With more than 5,300 catalog views, the auction was well-received by bidders from across the U.S. as well as Mexico and Singapore.  The September 1 auction also featured Proxibid’s online buyer’s premium cap, which helps bidders to maximize their online purchase power in participating auctions.

       “We are thrilled with the online results from this auction,” said auctioneer Allen Henslin. “One of the wheel loaders was sold over the internet to be shipped to Venezuela”. “Since 2006 we have run many farm and heavy equipment auctions live online on Proxibid. We have tried other providers, but Proxibid consistently offers a superior product and service and our results have never been better. We are pleased to have Proxibid as our exclusive online bidding provider.” “We look forward to future auctions with Proxibid!”

Bidders can log on, create an account and bid live online in the following upcoming events presented by Henslin Auctions by visiting:

onlin ebidding at proxibid button

About Proxibid:
       Omaha-based Proxibid brings auctioneers and bidders together for a world-class online auction experience.  Since 2002, the Company has worked with more than 2,500 auctioneers to bring more than 35,000 auctions to a global, online audience.  With registered bidders from more than 190 countries, no other provider in the industry connects more buyers and sellers than Proxibid.  The Company’s proprietary live Internet bidding service and Web site were developed by auctioneers and industry-leading professionals to provide our bidders with the most user-friendly and comprehensive online auction experience possible.
       Proxibid’s customer service and support is unmatched in the industry.  The company’s toll-free support center is open before, during and after every live auction, and is staffed with bi-lingual auction specialists who assist both bidders and auctioneers.  For more information about Proxibid, please visit us online at

  About Henslin Auctions:
       Henslin Auctions has been serving the greater Minnesota region and surrounding states including North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, as well as New Jersey for 30 years. The Company has sold everything from construction equipment, farmland, industrial and farm equipment to antiques, real estate, and collectible items.

HENSLIN AUCTIONEERS ‘SOLD’ on National Auctioneers Day Sat., April 16, 2011



From: MachineryPete | December 28, 2010

Machinery Pete shoots video at a farm retirement auction in Plato, Minnesota on (December 28, 2010), sale by Henslin Auctions, Inc. Watch a 2004 JD 9760 STS combine with 1,395 engine hours sell. Also a JD 8230 tractor with 1,297 hours; a 1996 JD 8970 4WD tractor; 1987 JD 4650 MFWD tractor; Farm Fans grain dryer, plus much more

Machinery Pete’s Blog 


    I had a great time Tuesday in Plato, MN covering a farm retirement auction by Henslin Auctions, Inc. Fun to watch a sharp auctioneer like Allen Henslin work a sale. The entire sale only took about an hour, but what equipment there was, was nice. A few sale price highlights:
  • 2004 JD 9760 STS combine (4WD) with 1395 engine hours: $160,000
  • 2006 JD 893 corn head: $19,750
  • JD 8230 MFWD tractor with 1297 hours: $122,000
  • 1996 JD 8970 4WD tractor with 6219 hours: $67,000
  • 1987 JD 4650 MFWD tractor with 7440 hours (oil leak): $35,000
  • Case IH 955 16R-30 planter: $15,750





I was down at the 2012 Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA yesterday (August 28th, 2012). Fun day at the show. Got home last night and went to work on a pair of very nice farm auctions I had my eye on yesterday, one in northwest Wisconsin by Northern Investment Inc., the other farm auction was in west-central Minnesota by Henslin Auctions Inc.

Oh, that west-central Minnesota farm auction yesterday (August 28, 2012)…check out what the Tractors sold for:

  1978 JD 4240 with 3452 hours, quad range: $32,000

  1989 JD 4455 2WD with 3310 hours, quad range: $56,500

  1994 JD 8770 4WD with 3537 hours: $68,500

  1972 JD 4320 with 9911 hours (engine overhaul at 9000 hrs): $14,000

“I posted a pic of the 1978 JD 4240 sold for $32,000 on our Machinery Pete Facebook page this morning…she’s a real honey :-)”

 The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association held their 61st annual Conference and Show at the DECC Conference Center in Duluth, Minnesota, January 14th, 15th and 16th, 2010.
Attending from the local area were Allen Henslin and Frank Roering, of Henslin Auctions, Inc., are members in good standing of the MSAA. Seminars included Real Estate at Auction, Internet Auctions, Public Safety, Communications, Technical, Legislative, and Motivational.

Other events included the Minnesota Champion Auctioneer Contest, Rookie Auctioneer Contest, Fun Auction, Advertising & Marketing Contest, Recognition and President’s Banquets, and the newest inductee into the Hall of Fame. Auxiliary events were also held during the conference and show.

The annual conference and show is held in a different location in Minnesota each year. Programs and events are directed toward professionalism, creativity and greater skill for
the progressively minded auctioneer.

Also, each year the MSAA donates $500 to a local charity. They also award scholarships to collegiate bound students.

In addition, Henslin Auctions, Inc. was awarded from the MSAA the distinction of top website in 2010!

red tractor
green tractor

SOLD $102,500.00!!